An Overview Of Miniature Sensors In The Biomedical Field

Miniature Sensors

Miniature sensors in the biomedical field have a significant role in detecting the condition of the organs through generating an optical, chemical, mechanical or electrical signal. A transducer is a device that takes part in the formation of the sensor and converts energy from a certain form to another form. The sensor is the essential component of all measurement devices.

In order to measure some physical variables such as humidity, temperature, flow rate, pressure, velocity, electric fields, light, etc., miniature sensors are effective. In the biomedical field, in order to prepare devices such as digital thermometers, digital blood pressure meters, peak flow meters, spirometers, respiration pulse oximeters, etc., sensors are essential.

The advantages of miniature sensors:

Minimally invasive sensors provide several advantages in the biomedical field such as-

  1. Miniature sensors can reach inaccessible regions of the body and display the condition of the area.
  2. In cryo cancer treatment, biomedical sensors help to eliminate the tumors through freezing or heating.

III. Sensors can lessen the disruption of body function.

  1. In order to increase the lifetime of implants and to lessen the consumption of energy, miniature sensors are effective.

However, the manufacturing process of biomedical sensors requires custom-made and precise equipment. The preparation of biomedical sensors involves ultra-fine wires.

Biomedical Sensors:

Miniature sensors in the biomedical field have a significant role in the detection of chemical, biological, or physical processes through the monitoring of data. Sensors are also used as the components of several clinical systems.

These miniature biomedical sensors can be of different types depending on the functions such as temperature sensors, ECG sensors, blood oxygen sensors, blood glucose sensors, pressure sensors, implantable sensors, wearable sensors, strip sensors, etc. As these sensors are effective to measure blood pressure, muscle displacement, blood flow, bone growth velocity, cerebrospinal fluid pressure, core body temperature, etc., the demand for miniature sensors in the biomedical field is increasing day by day.

As these sensors consist of miniature coils, the preparation of miniature micro-coils is a crucial thing and the micro-coils should have the following capabilities in order to become useful in medical devices.

  • Micro-coils should have the ability to radiate energy for electromagnetic radiation-based treatments, RF treatments,or heat treatments.
  • Micro-coils should be able to Transfer, monitor,control,and log data to/from miniature implants.
  • In order to operate the systems and to provide battery charging, the coils should transfer energy to implants.
  • The coils should employ an external or local magnetic field in order to function in-vivo magnetic navigation.

Applications and Challenges:

Medical sensors have several applications such as-

  • In order to conduct wireless communication with miniature implants, medial sensors have a great role in diagnostics.
  • Tocontrol andmonitor deep brain stimulationandminiature pacemakers, sensors are used for active implants.
  • In electrophysical treatments and temperature measurements, medical sensors are effective.
  • To navigate stent positioning, highlyaccurate ablations,targeted drug delivery,targeted radiation catheters, etc. and in orthopedic aids, sensors are useful.

However, due to the miniature size of the sensors, manufacturers face several challenges. To deal with these challenges, manufacturers now use ultra-fine wires, modern winding technology, and thermal compression bonding technology in the preparation of micro-coils.

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