7 Video Marketing Strategies That Anyone Can Use 

Video marketing is an integral component of nearly every successful digital advertising campaign.  How your videos visually look certainly matters, yet it is the subtleties of your video marketing strategy you use that determines the success of the overarching campaign.  Everything from lighting to the setting for filming and more matter a great deal.

Search the web for video marketing strategies and you’ll be inundated with an abundance of noise, most of which drowns out the truth.  Below, we highlight more than half a dozen video marketing tips and strategies that your business can implement with ease.

Tip # 1: Let Satisfied Customers Testify on Your Behalf

Potential customers at the top of the sales funnel are much more likely to move down through to the bottom if they hear sincere testimony from existing satisfied customers.  More than 90% of customers check out online reviews, including those in video form, before making a purchase.  

Feature one or several customers in a testimonial video, give them the stage to lay out the positives of their experience with your business’s service or product and your video marketing will be impactful.  

Tip # 2: Create Viral Content

Video virality has the potential to propel your business into the spotlight on multiple social media channels with minimal financial investment.  Perform some research to find out what your target audience is most interested in on social media, be it the latest TikTok trends, certain Twitter #hashtags or social media influencers and shape your video content accordingly. 

Even if 99% of your videos do not go viral on social media, the 1% that does will catalyze you to new echelons of success, creating brand recognition that strongly reinforces your other marketing efforts, ultimately serving as the gift that never stops giving.

Tip # 3: Explain the Product or Service Utility/Value

The challenge of customer education is one of the strongest headwinds impeding business growth and success.  Your product/service might be drastically superior to that of your competitors yet you won’t capture as much market share as you should if you don’t explain how the product/service is used.  

Create explainer or instructional videos to communicate exactly how the value proposition functions to empower your viewing audience to solve problems with efficiency.  Surmount the hurdle of customer education with relatively cost-efficient video marketing content and you’ll win over your target audience without burning through your limited cash, ultimately paving the essential inroads to customer value proposition comprehension and sales thereafter.

Tip # 4: Put a Face to the Message 

People relate to other people.  A faceless narrator telling a story in video marketing content has the potential to succeed yet that voice is all the more impactful if the speaker is shown on camera.  Even if you simply show your team in action, serving customers in a diligent manner, it creates and reinforces the rapport necessary to engage and convert prospective customers.

Tip # 5: Mind the Setting

The visual backdrop of video marketing content has the potential to matter just as much as the script.  Though renting a facility or scenic location for filming will set you back financially, the investment has the potential to pay dividends.  If cost is an issue, use a green screen with a digital overlay to create a visually stunning background.  

Above all, focus on lighting.  The subtleties of the lighting determine the tone, mood and feel of the video content.  Instead of attempting DIY video lighting, rely on a professional to ensure the illumination is flawless and you’ll film your video content in full confidence.

Tip # 6: Communicate the Message in Story Form

Customers love watching and listening to stories, even if they take place in 30 seconds or less.  The communication of your brand’s value offering and identity in story form with a clear beginning, midpoint and finale has the potential to captivate the viewing audience.  Create storyboards with the assistance of a professional writer, execute that vision with the use of a talented narrator, actors or animator and your video marketing content will engage.

Tip # 7: Keep It Brief

If you are like most people, your attention span has shrunk across the past two decades.  The introduction of high-speed internet combined with on-demand content and smartphones has changed the way in which our brains work.  

Most people struggle to pay full attention to advertisements, especially if they are longer than 20 seconds.  Keep your video marketing content brief, get to the point and you’ll maximize engagement as well as indelibility.

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