8 Health Benefits of Playing Outdoor Games

Most kids these days are glued to smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Exposing children to endless hours of screen time affects their mental, physical and psychological health.

Thus, it is important to encourage outdoor games among children. Not only are outdoor games fun, but they have several health benefits as well. 

Read on to find out more.

1. Develops Social Skills

When kids go outdoors, they interact and play with kids their age. This enables them to develop social skills effective in improving their communication and behavioural skills.

Kids who spend most of their time indoors live in their shell, this leads to antisocial behavioural patterns.

Thus, you must let children make new friends without adult intervention to help them gain a sense of freedom and confidence.

2. Helps In Physical Development

Physical activities are essential for proper growth, especially among young children. Outdoor games involve a lot of physical movements such as running, jumping, throwing and catching a ball, and so on.

This not only boosts children’s stamina but also assists in the development of strong bones and muscles. All outdoor sports contribute to increased physical development and cardiovascular strength among kids. Also, don’t miss the lacrosse helmet and maybe some lacrosse decals.

3. Boosts Vitamin D Consumption

Being out in the sun exposes children to fresh air and lots of sunshine. This increases the amount of vitamin D their bones receive. Because kids these days rarely get out to play, chances of them suffering from a vitamin D deficiency has increased.

If children don’t get sufficient vitamin D, it hinders with their bone and muscle health. You can give them supplements or multivitamins, but the quickest and cheapest way to boost vitamin D is sun exposure.

4. Improves Focus

Don’t we take a walk in fresh air to clear our heads? The same applies to children. Children who play outdoors are more focused and have better attention compared to children who don’t play outdoors as often.

Team sports like basketball, Paintball, football, handball and so on are all beneficial in improving attention among children, especially children with ADHD symptoms who can’t keep their minds in one place for a longer time. Check out Paintball Pick in case your children are interested to learn more about paintball.

5. Strengthens Motor Skills

Motor skills determine the movement and functioning of our bones and muscles. It is important for a child to develop his/her motor skills to gain a sense of self and to improve confidence.

Outdoor activities which involve throwing, jumping, running, catching and incorporating other brain functions, help in developing a child’s motor skills faster.

It also improves their coordination, alertness and judgment.

6. Improves Immunity

Worried about your kid falling sick with every passing moon?

Let him outdoors and observe how his health improves. A few studies have shown that children who revel in physical activities outdoors have better immunity compared to children who don’t.

Not only does playing outdoors improve immunity, but it also increases the strength to fight back diseases and aids in faster recovery rate.

7. Boosts Imagination And Creativity

Smartphones and other gadgets have limited a child’s ability to tap into their imaginary and creative potential. Playing outdoor games is a great way to develop imagination and creativity in your child.

Outdoor activities enable them to learn new things and come up with new games/activities. Being out under the sky, among trees, flowers, birds and other things stimulates a child’s brain which allows them to explore their creative abilities. 

8. Helps To Release Energy 

Physical activities under the sun are the most reliable way to discharge your children’s energy. This is especially helpful in children who show signs of ADHD

Kids have a lot of energy, they can climb up and down the stairs infinite times without being tired. Allowing them to play outdoors is a great way to release all their pent up extra energy. 

Give your kids a break from all the gadgets and let them out in the fresh air, under the sun.

Written by George K.

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