How To Choose the Best THC-O Products for You



How To Choose the Best THC-O Products for You

When choosing the right THC-O products, you’ve got options. Many people consume THC-O with a vape device, but gummies and oils are also an option for those who prefer not to inhale.

In this article, our team discusses THC-O, its effects, the cannabinoid’s legality, and how you can (and should) choose a THC-O product that will provide the most benefit and the best overall experience for your needs.

Understanding What THC-O Is and What It Does

Before you start considering the best THC-O products for you, it is wise to understand what THC-O actually is. In the simplest terms, THC-O is a synthetically made cannabinoid produced from hemp extracts. In other words, THC-O (also known as THC-O acetate) does not exist naturally in cannabis. Like ‘regular’ THC, however, THC-O interacts with the brain and central nervous system via cannabinoid receptors to produce a psychoactive response.

In case you’re wondering, manufacturers of THC-O products tend to use CBD extracted from hemp. Next, they create delta-8 THC from the cannabidiol before adding it to acetic anhydride. Finally, they remove the CBD molecules, along with flavonoids and terpenes. This process ensures that the THC molecules are stronger than standard THC.

Is THC-O Legal?

How To Choose the Best THC-O Products for You

This is a question that caused a lot of confusion. Some people believed that because it is a THC, THC-O products were federally illegal, like marijuana. However, others pointed out that because it comes from hemp, it is legal under the U.S. Farm Bill.

In the end, a ruling by California’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in May 2022 ended the confusion. The federal court ruled that delta-8 THC was federally legal as long as products met the terms of the Farm Bill. Moreover, this ruling applies to other ‘minor’ cannabinoid products such as HHC, delta-10, and THC-O.

Yet, it is important to understand that states can decide whether to legalize or ban THC-O products. Several states have elected to ban or restrict the cannabinoid due to its ultra-powerful effects; THC-O is up to three times as potent as delta-9 THC. There are also concerns over the manufacturing processes and a lack of regulation in the industry.

In other words, if you plan on trying THC-O products – especially for the first time – tread very cautiously and proceed with the understanding that this is a very, very powerful artificial cannabinoid. Begin with a tiny amount to gauge its effects and only increase it if you can easily handle the high.

Different Types of THC-O Products

Now that you have a basic understanding of what THC-O is and what it does, we can start talking about how to choose the best THC-O products for your specific needs.

Many people consume THC-O via a vape device for potent and fast-acting effects. This could be a disposable vape pen or a reusable cartridge that works with a 510-style battery-operated vape unit. When you inhale the vapor from a vape pen, the compounds in the vape (in this case, THC-O) immediately enter the bloodstream through tiny capillaries in the lungs. This accounts for the nearly immediate effects that are produced while vaping.

Understandably, not everyone is comfortable with inhaling THC-O from a vape device. This is especially true because there are almost no scientific studies on the long or short-term health effects of THC-O. THC-O oils and gummies are also an option for users who want to avoid inhalation. Since these THC-O products are absorbed through the digestive system, the effects usually take longer to kick in. In fact, it can sometimes take an hour or more to feel the effects of an edible THC-O product.

The benefit of THC-O products that are consumed (i.e., oils and gummies) is that they’ll often last longer than vaping products. So, depending on what you want to get out of your THC-O experience, you’ve got three options to choose from: vapes, oils, or gummies. Of course, the biggest concern is ensuring you’re getting a safe, reliable product.   

Where to Find High-Quality THC-O Products

There are next to zero safety regulations regarding the production of THC-O products. As such, potential customers must research heavily and shop wisely before making a decision on which types of THC-O products to buy. One potential option is to check out the THC-O for sale at PureKana.

This American company has been around for almost a decade, and they have become a widely popular and well-trusted brand in the CBD industry. Since THC-O products are made from the same raw extract as CBD, they are one of the few companies that can be trusted to produce safe, potent, effective THC-O products.

Once you visit the brand’s official website and search for THC-O products, you’ll notice that you can quickly and easily view third-party lab reports. PureKana uses a trusted company named ACS Laboratory to conduct the tests, and you’ll see that there is a minimum of 85% of THC-O. Since the cannabinoid has about triple the potency of delta-9 THC, you will likely experience an intoxicating high after consuming a relatively small amount of the substance!

If you want to try more than one flavor, give the PureKana THC-O dual vape pen a try. It is a unique product featuring a double-ended vape pen. It comes in Northern Lights and Super Sour Diesel flavors, and it is incredibly easy to swap them around as and when possible. With 1800mg of THC-O in total, this cool vape pen represents exceptional value for money. You’ll also find that there are few THC-O products on the market like it.


All in all, the best THC-O products will be a personal choice based on what exactly you’re trying to get out of your THC-O experience. Remember, THC-O is a powerful cannabinoid with potent psychoactive effects – if you’ve never used cannabis before, we do not recommend starting with a THC-O product. If you decide to venture into this pioneering territory, however, do plenty of research to find a safe, trustworthy, well-made product.

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