8 Tips To Remotely Manage Vacation Rental With Ease

8 Tips To Remotely Manage Vacation Rental With Ease

Everything has become remote and virtual since the pandemic. From workforce to vacation rental management. Since work from home became the norm, people have started to move cities or even countries to cut down the expenses, letting their house be rented out. But with remote renting comes difficulties that need addressing. Here are 10 tips to help you manage vacation rental remotely. 

1. Have a pandemic plan

With COVID 19 still raging in many parts of the world, it is always smart to have a plan in case things go wrong on your property. Your plan should ideally include guidelines to maintain hygienic premises, your business activity, and communication to guests. Having this pan documented will help you execute it when needed.

2. Automate check-in and out

When you automate check-in and check-out, you reduce the different tasks you need to complete in a day. You can implement this through smart locks, a lockbox, and more. If you wish to stick to the traditional way, you can always have a reliable safe house for the key or entrust your neighbors. 

3. Get automation systems

Today, you find several home automation systems apart from the automated check-in and check-out ones. These are made specifically for vacation rental owners. Some of these systems will allow you to monitor (and control) the AC, lighting, and thermostat, aside from monitoring the noise levels in the property. These will help you take immediate action when needed.

4. Install security systems

Security systems are a must when remotely managing a rental house since you won’t be on the premises. Some of the systems you can install in your house include surveillance cameras, motion detectors, burglar alarms, etc. However, be advised that not all your guests will be fond of this setup, and you will need to disclose this information beforehand. 

5. Have a list of contractors

Like hotels, you need a list of contractors your guests can contact in case something goes wrong. So, reach out to local plumbers, electricians, and handymen and explain the situation to them and come to an agreement. List these numbers in your welcome book or paste them elsewhere in the house. 

6. Hire a reliable housekeeper

Your house needs to be cleaned after each stay. This needs to be a process that needs to be carried out like clockwork. Therefore, you need a reliable housekeeper or cleaning service to visit your house and get it cleaned perfectly. Make sure they also sanitize the place thoroughly as part of their cleaning. 

7. Get a property management team

Getting a property manager or management team using property management software is what most rental homeowners do when remotely handling things. This approach, facilitated by property management software, allows for efficient guest management, property maintenance, and other tasks that make remote home renting easier. Air Hosting offers you end-to-end management of your guests, property maintenance, and more that make remote home renting easier. Such companies also help market and update your listings. 

8. Communicate with guests

Perhaps the biggest step of them all is keeping in touch with the guests. Have a welcome book prepared for your property to give guests all the information they would need. Moreover, call or message them to understand any additional requirements they may have. This makes them want to return in the future. 


Rental management is a challenging task even when you are in the same vicinity. However, remotely managing a property can become difficult without the right approach and tools at hand. From getting necessary automation and security systems to updating listings and communicating with guests, there are many tasks to take care of. Once you find the right balance, however, you’re in for a satisfying side income. 


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