How Does The Experience Of Eating Cannabis Differ From Smoking It?

Eating Cannabis Differ From Smoking It

One of the most intriguing facts about cannabis consumption is the number of ways to consume it. Tinctures, vaporizers, flowers, and edibles are some ways you can practice cannabis consumption. Most of these techniques are common in every part of the world. However, the most common type of cannabis consumption is by smoking or eating it. 

Recent sources suggest that smoking cannabis is more harmful than eating it. But, you will not understand why this difference is so significant until you read this article till the end. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cannabis Consumption?

For several years, cannabis has come in handy to aid people with several mental and physical illnesses. For people who suffer from anxiety, depression and get consistent suicidal thoughts, cannabis consumption can prove to be a blessing in no time. cannabis consumption can prove to be a blessing in no time. It can also work like magic for people with chronic pain, arthritis, and bone problems. 

If you are suffering from a loss of appetite, cannabis consumption can again help mend that for you. In addition, there are many other significant benefits that you can extract by practicing cannabis consumption. However, let us first discuss the differences between eating cannabis and smoking them.  

  1. Eating Cannabis vs. Smoking Cannabis

Both eating and smoking cannabis are an experience of a kind. But one of the most common differences between them is that the effects of smoking hit a lot faster and end a lot more quickly than eating cannabis. So, in most cases, one is likely to have the impact of smoking cannabis in nearly 10 minutes, which will last for 2 to 3 hours. In contrast, eating cannabis may kick in the effects within 2 hours and last for almost 10 to 12 hours. 

Our body absorbs smoked marijuana via the lungs. The effects happen fast because it does not have to go through several organs of your body at once. That is why people who smoke cannabis can feel the effects within minutes. However, those who consume cannabis have their body absorbing it via their gastrointestinal system, which may take longer. As a result, you may feel the effects within half an hour or two hours. Most times, it is difficult for people to smoke plenty accidentally. However, it is straightforward and typical to eat adequate amounts of edible cannabis. So you have to be careful of that. 

  1. Duration Difference

There is a unique duration difference of effects when you eat cannabis vs. smoke it. There are also different onset times and outcomes that we have discussed above. Because of the way our body absorbs edible cannabis, it takes longer to feel its effects. Thus, its duration usually lasts long. As a result, you can handle the impact for quite a long time. On the flip side, the way our body absorbs smoked cannabis makes you feel the effects instantly. 

  1. Effects And Strength

Most cannabis enthusiasts will tell you that the effects they get from consuming edible food are far better than smoking it. But, again, this has a lot to do with how the body absorbs edible cannabis. So once you smoke marijuana, the THC in these cannabis makes the effects travel straight to the brain. But once you consume cannabis edibles, the process becomes lengthier. For starters, the body metabolizes the THC from where the edible enters the liver. Once that happens, it turns it into 11 hydroxy THC. As a result, you can feel the high effects. Now, how long or short do you want the duration of the impact will come down to your preference. But you need to understand that both these techniques will make the effects last for some time. So it would be best to be prepared enough to take that.  

  1. The Health Factor

When people smoke cannabis, it is naturally harmful. If you are more concerned about your health, it is best to avoid smoking cannabis. That is when edible cannabis can come into action. Edible cannabis made into delicious gummies from Dynaleo are one of a kind. So make sure you opt for them when in need. You can also turn to cannabis brownies and chocolates, but the healthy option will always be gummies. There are also several lows and no sugar cannabis edibles available in different stores for you.

Ensure that the ones you purchase have a precise cut dosage given at the back of its packaging. Cannabis-infused granola, protein bars, and salad dressings are also available in many stores supporting cannabis-infused food. However, we recommend you to go for the gummies because they are a healthier take on this. They also come in expansive-sized flavors that will make you trip over them in no time. 

  1. Discretion

Naturally, you can not conceal smoking cannabis as the smoke will be in the air. It is also easier to smell cannabis in a room or any public area. Since the smell is so strong and distinctive, it can make anybody turn to you and catch you instantly. It is also relatively small and noticeable, which makes the substance easy to spot. So chances are you cannot maintain discretion when consuming the product. Despite that, edible cannabis allows you to keep enough choice by being deceptive. 

The Bottom Line

Many people usually smoke cannabis because they find it far more convincing. But consistent sources suggest it is highly toxic for the body. Smoking cannabis also leaves minimal room for benefits that can render the entire purpose of cannabis consumption in vain. However, suppose you’re concerned about your health and genuinely want to grab the benefits of cannabis. In that case, we highly recommend eating them in the form of gummies, like Sunshower THC gummies. So if you are ready, do not forget to purchase them on time before they run out of stock. We promise you do not want to miss out on them.

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