A Beginner’s Guide for Travelling to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is an exceptional destination for travelers; full of multistory towers, striking beaches, fantastic sand dunes and the world’s most luxurious hotels. Dubai is a most amazing city you will ever wish to visit.

Dubai provides a great family holiday or a dreamy escape. Have fun with unbeatable experience by reserving desert safari in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab, an outstanding landmark that is located on its own island 300 meters offshore, has earned an unmatched repute for lavishness.

It can be quite devastating for you, so be ready for a bit of ‘hustle and bustle’.

Where to Visit in Dubai

The beach is a perfect place to get started. The luxury hotels have their own beach clubs, which you can rent, but Jumeirah Beach Park is the best public beach, and includes dressing rooms, clean toilets, a swimming pool and volleyball courts.

If you are interested in History, you can explore the Dubai Museum in Deira. When you are in the old town, stop by the Gold and Spice Souks – old-style Arabian markets that are a joyful assault on your senses. Grab a ride in water taxi to catch a glimpse of the ancient Dubai.

Even if you don’t like shopping, you can’t fail to be enthralled by the enormous Dubai Mall. Don’t miss the Dubai Fountain in open-air; you can enjoy daily afternoon and evening shows where it seems dancing on classical and Arabian music. it’s the world’s biggest dancing fountain. If you still got bored of the city, there is a better way to escape on a 4WD desert safari. Absolutely unique with bursting fun, and you can even enjoy overnight in desert at a Bedouin camp and take nap under the stars.

Shopping Paradise

The Dubai’s high-rise Mall is a shopaholic’s wildest dream. Accommodating to luxury-loving visitors, fashionistas and high street hunnies, exquisite Dubai Mall is an ultimate solution for all your needs. You can get pleasure from the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, a retail goldmine that kicks off in January. The Dubai Mall offers unmatched experienced to explore the gorgeous Arabic architecture. You will love the stone corridors, high arches, richly carved patterns, and mosaics. The quiet lighting gave the entire place a very romantic feeling!

Where to Bargain Shop: Deira Souks

There is one more side to Dubai. Go towards north to Bur Dubai and Deira and you will feel as you have come back in time, snaking your way throughout spice souks and be amazed at the dhows and agras on the bay. Bargain seekers will admire Dubai’s souks in Deira, the oldest part of Dubai. Here, you can purchase clothing, souvenirs, accessories, electronics, food and everyday items. Lose yourself in Deira’s spice souks. The Dubai Gold Souk is situated in the heart of the city’s commercial business region of Deira and has over 300 retailers selling in local handmade jewelry and unbelievable international pieces. Don’t miss out on the adjacent Gold Souk for 22 and 24 karat gold jewelry and the Spice Souk with its alluring range of aromatic spices! Naif Souk is a famous one to visit and is the city’s oldest souks. Whereas aromas of South Asian food, fills the air and reminds how multiethnic Dubai really is. The Souks are easy to reach via taxi and metro. Don’t bother to drive as finding a parking place is difficult.

Supercars and Skis!

Bugatti, Ferraris and Bentleys! When Gas brains hit the floor, the UAE is supercar paradise! Due to Dubai’s wealthy culture, such envy-inducing cars can be witnessed everywhere! The local police even have numerous models to their fleet! However, Emiratis have an especial love affair with the Lamborghini. For something really exclusive you must take a tour to explore Ski Dubai – even though you are not into skiing or snowboarding. In a city, where temperatures can hit 40oC, it is incredibly amazing to enter into an indoor ski resort with temperature that is around -1 C.

Desert Safari in Dubai

This is the ultimate experience, most comprehensive tour comes with 4×4 sandbank adventure, camel rides and delicious barbeque feast go together with enticing belly dances. 

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