A Breakfast Bar Made from Real Ingredients

If you have zero (or less) time in the morning to even consider making breakfast, but you still wake up hungry, you’ve probably learned a few tricks-of-the-trade for quick, on-the-go breakfasts. There’s always a piece of fruit or a donut, but maybe you’ve searched for something with a little more sustenance to propel you forward into your day. 

A beloved favorite of to-go breakfast-ers everywhere, the breakfast bar has seemingly everything you can ask for: good flavor, solid texture, longer-lasting energy, and maybe even some protein, if you’re lucky. Unfortunately, many breakfast bars that claim to be “healthy” are, in fact, made with unnatural, artificial flavors and tons of refined sugars (bummer). But there is still hope! A breakfast bar made from real, natural ingredients exists, and it rocks.

Food Made from, Well, Real Foods

If you were to go look at the nutrition facts and ingredients on the label of your breakfast bars right now, what would you find? A lot of breakfast bars list ingredients like organic brown rice syrup (fancy for, pretty much, sugar), sodium bicarbonate (what even is that), and caramel color (because, you know, it’s important that your granola bar is pretty?). These are things you may not be looking for in what is supposed to be a “healthy” breakfast option.

When you look at the ingredients listed in Over Easy Food’s breakfast bars, you’ll find a different story entirely. These bars are loaded up with real foods and only real foods, including only fruit, nuts, oats, egg whites, honey, vanilla extract and a little bit of sea salt. You’ve probably heard of all of those, right? Chances are, you’ve eaten most of them alone, in their natural form.

What these bars do is take these ingredients that are awesome, healthy and full of nutrients on their own, and combine them all into a no-fuss, portable bar that you can snack on on-the-go. It’s like eating a whole meal, but honestly, a lot easier. 

Why Regular Foods are Better

You may be glad to hear that this breakfast bar contains only real, natural ingredients, but why is that important? The simple answer is, nutritional value and naturally lower in calories (the good kind).

When you take out a bunch of those extra, unnatural ingredients, and replace them with ones like regular old fruits and nuts, you’re left with sustainable and nutrient-dense foods working together to create a bar that does it all. Processed ingredients can negate the positive effects of the vitamins found in whole foods by adding so much sugar and junk that your body misses out on the good stuff.

Natural Ingredients are Easier to Digest

It’s safe to say that quite a few of us suffer from some sort of food sensitivity or allergy. Between Celiac disease, lactose intolerance, milk and gluten allergies, or general trouble with digesting things like corn and soy, many people have a list of foods that they should avoid, and this can limit options for many.

Whether you have a sensitivity or not, your body always loves digesting and processing more natural, whole ingredients. Fewer additives (and fewer ingredients you can’t even pronounce) means there’s a better chance that nothing will cause an imbalance in your delicate digestive system.

Good breakfast bars, like the ones made by Over Easy, steer clear of the foods that many people are unable to digest, like gluten, dairy, soy, and corn. So not only are you only getting natural, whole ingredients that your body does need, but you’re also able to avoid the foods that a lot of our bodies just can’t handle.

Written by George K.

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