Decentralized Artist: A Brief Look at Botto

Decentralized Artist

Botto is a decentralized artist. The thing that sets Botto apart from other artists is that they are not just an individual, but rather a group of individuals who come together to create beautiful artwork.

Decentralized Artist: A Brief Look at Botto

What does botto do?

1. Botto will be able to create, store and sell digital assets.

  • The infrastructure will be similar to Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens, but Botto is expected to have its blockchain platform in the future.
  • Bottos will be able to create and sell digital assets, such as images, texts, or designs.
  • The platform can also store the data of all these digital assets; as a result, artists do not need to worry about losing their work due to hardware failure or other problems that they cannot control.
  • Creators can use smart contracts for copyright protection and release payments when specific conditions are met within the contract (for example: after an image has been downloaded 100 times). This ensures that artists receive payment once others have used their works without chasing down each buyer themselves.

2. Bottos will be able to build and develop apps or decentralized applications.

Creating a blockchain for developers is the same thing as creating an API (application programming interface) that allows people who do not know how to create their blockchain application to use it.

This platform can provide basic functions such as authentication, data transfer, storage methods, and billing according to smart contract conditions within certain services.

For example, identity verification lets users access specific parts of a website without needing to go through KYC procedures each time they visit the site; file hosting, so users have unlimited cloud space with high-security measures in place; etc.

3. Bottos will have a platform for artificial intelligence.

Many blockchain projects are using AI to develop new products or services, but most people do not know that they already use it every day without realizing it.

People often think about AI as something related to robots and autonomous cars, which is correct in some sense because these technologies are being developed by many companies right now.

However, the truth is that there are thousands of ways this technology can be used – from cyber security solutions within banks to predicting consumer behavior for marketing purposes through data analysis on social media networks such as Facebook.

4. Bottos will be able to build and implement decentralized autonomous organizations.

  • This is a very important concept within blockchain because it refers to developing an organizational structure that does not need any leader or board of directors, with all decisions being made through consensus by its members instead.
  • Many people think this kind of system seems impossible due to human nature, but there are examples in our everyday lives where we can see how it works perfectly, such as open-source communities like Linux – which powers Android devices and Google’s online empire, for example – Wikipedia or Reddit, to name a few popular projects among many others.


All of Botto’s features are designed with artists in mind to benefit from blockchain’s advantages. There are some of the main reasons why Botto was created: so artists have full control over their work while enjoying complete freedom in distributing their content.

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