Best Online Apps to Improve Your Work Productivity

Best Online Apps to Improve Your Work Productivity

Freelancing and remote working are becoming popular among people. The reason is people love to work on their terms and earn more than what they could in a 9-5 job. Having a small home office is a means to isolate yourself from other members and achieve greater productivity.

Best Online Apps to Improve Your Work Productivity

However, the majority of people are found complaining about lack of productivity. There is a reason for being unproductive and in today’s digital era, being unproductive is normal. When it comes to improving productivity when working from home or any co-working space, you need to have a decent internet connection. Most of the internet service providers claim to deliver what they advertise, but things don’t work well when you subscribe to their service. And on calling customer support, the response is not as good as it should be.

However, there is one way to get your issues to resolve as soon as possible. Contacting Spectrum servicio al cliente 24 horas will not only offer required assistance but also help you in getting a better internet plan.

Apart from having a whopping internet, there are some online apps to improve your work productivity. Let’s take a look at it.

We all are bombarded with several tasks each day and it is difficult to remember each one of them. However, technology can help us remind us of things that our minds are unable to remember. Just install on your smartphone and make anything from to-do lists to reminders, and notes to scheduling tasks.

In fact, it will offer you everything that you have to remember day to day without forgetting it. So next time while going shopping or giving a presentation, make sure to use to remember all important things.


Managing a list of contacts is extremely difficult for businesses. Although you can make use of your smartphone to add as many contacts as you can, sometimes organizing your business contact becomes extremely important.

Cloze is one such application that you need to install on your smartphone. The app features all in one network of your contact offering email command center and social network capabilities. You can also synchronize the details of your contact from email and social networking sites. The app also offers a command center for social websites, helping you to update your profile, status, and tweeting on the go.

Just Press Record

If you are thinking of having a solution to increase your productivity at home or in the office, Just Press Record is the app to look for. The app allows you to record anything with the tap on one button and save it on the cloud and synchronize with all your devices. Moreover, you can also edit the transcription from the app and start a new recording without touching your phone with Siri.

Just Press Record allows you to record any voice from your parrot talking to you to the first word spoken by the baby. In fact, you can also record any great idea that came into your mind while driving the car or walking in a park. If you don’t want to waste your time writing, you can make use of Just Press Record anytime to take voice notes.


When it comes to improving productivity and reducing costs on buying things, you can simply install CamScanner. As the name suggests, CamScanner is a useful application for employers, employees, and other people to utilize their smartphone to scan different documents, pictures, bills, invoices, and anything you could imagine. You can also convert the photos into JPD and PDF formats.

The app also allows you to save files on your smartphone or cloud storage. You can also crop documents from the app and send them to any person, device, or mail. The best thing about CamScanner is that when you point your camera towards a document, it automatically crops it while scanning. You don’t need to put any extra effort to remove your table or any other object placed near it.

Summing Up

Being productive in today’s distractive world is quite difficult, but not anymore. When you have a smartphone and thousands of apps on hand, you could do anything from being productive to remembering important things.

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