4 Reasons You Need to Be Using the Phone for Customer Support

Whenever you are allocating funds for your business, there are many high-priority functions. Of course, marketing your product especially through advertising is important for growth and requires a major chunk of capital investment. However, investing in your customer support team is equally important, something which many companies neglect.

Contrary to popular belief, an excellent customer service department can grow your revenue generation ability and build a positive reputation for the company. After all, it acts as a bridge between you and your customers.

There are a handful of options available capable of facilitating the way you interact with customers. In this digital age, many companies such as Spectrum Customer service, seek refuge under live chat support or social media to interact with the customers. However, the best possible way to communicate is by setting up a phone for customer support.

Therefore, we came up with all the reasons why you need a phone line for your customer service to be more effective.

“It is a quick and easy way to communicate with the customer”

Although some people think otherwise, it is the fastest way possible. Yes, I understand that social media or live chat window seems more expeditious. However, the majority of the cases remain unresolved and escalate to a phone call anyhow.

Having more channels of communication are important too but you require more staff to manage them and the cost increases accordingly. You have to optimize your phone channel in a way that it serves customer in the best way possible and they don’t have to resort to other channels. Moreover, customers can talk in detail over a phone call and are better able to present their case. This helps the company too as they have a proper understanding of customer’s issue and they can provide a viable solution real quick.


Customers are not just plain data to add in your spreadsheet. They are humans and deserve to be treated like humans. This is the main reason why customers prefer using the phone channel. It has the potential for empathy and is more humane. Obviously, interacting with an attentive and invested human voice is more valuable than a chat bot with a set of responses only. It is a great way to foster a good rapport with your client and can increase customer loyalty in the longer run.

Talking to a client on phone, showing them respect is a proven vector for making them feel valued, provided that they have the right training.

Most importantly, using the phone channel for customer support can turn around a dissatisfied customer.

“Potential Growth”

As we have already discussed the phone’s potential for basic empathy and how it can prove to be a great asset for your customer service. Likewise, this tool can open new avenues for your company too. By monitoring all the calls and collecting data, you can understand all the concerns the majority of customers are facing and nullify them with sound planning.

The collection of data for customer’s experience is necessary for the growth of any company. With the phone, you can ask for feedback on your products or services. The customer’s insight, expectations, and habits can be directly collected overtime whenever they ring you.

For any customer, cold calling is annoying and most of the time you will get a hang-up. In this case, the customer is the one calling you and until they are satisfied, they will not hang up on you.

“You can build trust”

In the world of scams and frauds, people crave trust more than ever. This is one of the biggest advantages of using a phone channel. It adds to your company’s personality. Through the phone, the agents have the ability to convey what your company is all about and this leaves a long-lasting impression on the customer. Thus it is a great way of boosting engagement, displaying competence, and most importantly, creating a bond of trust between your company and the customer.

Final Verdict

Therefore, it is proven that phone for customer support is crucial but it is always a challenge to get it right. You need proper investment and time to train your support team. This will help you to keep up with the demands of customers and stiffen the competition. Non-voice channels are expanding but they barely satisfy customers.

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