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Those who are prone to makeup they must have a proper makeup kit and there one must have an item called the highlighter. Most people try and use a highlighter to have glowing skin.

Now, exactly what is face highlighter and why one needs to use them when they are doing a face makeup? Well, it is a kind of a face makeup which can attract the artificial light and hence it can also create some brightness illusion and height. Hence it seems that the face is glowing from inside. One can also use it in addition to contouring so that it can lift and push the facial features back.

But before all of these one also needs to know how exactly to apply a highlighter and what do they keep in mind when they are picking one highlighter from a cosmetic store. According to many makeup experts, if one needs to choose the perfect highlighter, they must use the gold versus silver jewellery test first. This is very easy to do. If one gets to see that the gold earrings can flatter one’s complexion, then one must look for highlighter shades like warm bronze, copper or gold tonality. But of one thinks that platinum or silver jewellery suits them the best then one must go for a highlighter which has some pale pink or flecks of silver in it. One can also check the warm pink which works for many people.

When applying a highlighter, one must use a blush instead of their fingers to get a flawless finish. When one uses a brush it can help one in controlled application. In case of larger areas of the face such as the3 cheeks one can use a flat brush which is slightly angles. One needs to pick a dense and soft blender brush if they think they need to apply the highlighter for cream formulas and for smaller areas.

One must note that they will lose all the benefits of a highlighter if they try and use it all over the face. It will illuminate the entire face and no particular feature will be highlighted. Also, too much of a highlighter can make the face look sweaty. In order to make the cheekbones look higher one can use highlighter on the top and just off the side of the under eye area. Also if one is applying a shimmery highlighter then they must use it away from the eyes.

In order to make the eyes look brighter one must apply the highlighter round their tear duct or dotted into the center of the eyelids. In order to get an instant brow lift one must dab highlighter under the arch of the eyebrows.  To get a slimmer nose, one can swipe the brush just down the center of the nose bridge.

One cam always buy highlighter from The flavored highlighter from the K Play collection can be a great choice if one is looking for something which is not extra shimmery.

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