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A Guide To Buying The Top Coffee Beans To Brew At Home

It’s almost impossible to try every coffee bean in the market. However, what you can do is to buy top-quality coffee beans and brew them at home. This only works if you have the best coffee beans, right?

Varieties are many such as dark roasted, light roasted, most caffeinated, and other signature flavor nestled coffee beans among others. fresh-ground coffee with the right beans gives you a taste like no other. But how do you get that? This guide has all the answers, so continue reading.

What type of coffee beans do you want?

Ask yourself the kind of coffee you want and what you require in terms of flavor. There are two main types of coffee beans. Always go for the best coffee beans in the world if you want exceptional flavor. These are:

  • Robusta coffee

It only accounts for 40% of world coffee production and is mainly grown in regions like eastern Africa and Vietnam. Arguably the most cherished coffee because of its durability and is far cheaper.

Most budget brands use it but it’s bitter and has a pungent flavor and sharp taste. Mostly preferred because the caffeine amount is double that of arabica. It’s the ideal choice for parties and offices.

  • Arabica coffee

Highly popular and accounts for 60% of grown coffee in the world. The beans need intensive care as the plants are delicate making the coffee beans more expensive. There is a high chance that the coffee you drink at your local cafe is arabica.

The varying flavors are because of the different climates in areas grown worldwide. However, it has a distinct coffee flavor and is very aromatic. So, it’s a perfect choice for an early morning routine. People who love the flavor more than caffeine cherish the coffee beans.

1. Single-origin or blend?

Most stores sell coffee blends, which means they are a mixture of coffee beans from different regions. The blend gives the coffee a complex flavor profile. For example, Costa Rica coffee beans have a distinct citrus flavor and Sumatra coffee beans have a distinct chocolate flavor. Blends are created by mixing the coffee beans and roasting them.

Single-origin coffee beans come from the same region and their flavor profiles are finer, more consistent, and simpler. Blended coffee beans have impurity problems, which makes them taste different every time.

However, single-origin coffee beans taste the same because the flavor is the same.

2. Ground or whole?

Freshness is vital to a great taste which is why recently roasted coffee beans have exquisite taste. However, it is difficult to brew even a pound before the beans start turning.

Whole beans need quality and excellent coffee grinders. Coffee beans can remain potent for months, but the moment you ground them, they start losing their flavor. It’s the main reason smart people keep whole coffee beans because they last longer. They only grind it when they need a fresh cup.

Check the packaging and expiration date when buying pre-ground coffee beans. The packaging should be vacuum-sealed to ensure it doesn’t lose flavor. Only buy small quantities if you are buying coffee beans packed in paper bags,

Always keep the coffee beans in airtight containers to preserve them longer. Don’t freeze because it changes the flavor. Lastly, use fresh-brewed coffee within a month.

Where to buy?

Traditionally, most people rely on coffee shops and supermarkets. However, online shopping is another option you can use. Online stores give you variety and you can order coffee beans from anywhere.

Local stores mostly lack coffee varieties and can concentrate on local companies. Some stores offer high-quality beans and it’s easy to check the expiration dates.

Subscription services offer variety and opportunities to try different coffee beans. Some are weekly and you receive different products. You can also explore the coffee beans you like. Mostly, subscription services are online.

Which beans work with your brewing method?

A Guide To Buying The Top Coffee Beans To Brew At Home

It’s not enough to simply pick coffee beans, ask yourself how you intend to make the coffee. Brewing methods need different grind sizes and machines. Some can pair well with different coffee beans.

There are several brewing methods such as French presses, which grind the coffee beans coarsely and work well with Indonesian, African, and dark roasted coffees.

The drip coffee brewing method is common in America and uses medium-coarse ground beans common in big stores. The method preserves the flavor profile including acidic overtones and a darker body. It’s an ideal brewing method for most coffee beans. It handles coffee beans from any region.

The espresso brewing method is common in coffee shops and has the most potent, robust, and resilient flavor. Espresso has a unique flavor with a powerful, bold, and rich presence.

Before buying coffee beans for home brewing, know how it was processed and its flavor. Explore different options from online shopping stores, supermarkets, and local coffee shops. The information you get helps you settle for your ideal coffee beans for home brewing.

Coffee is an enjoyable drink with maximum rewards. Getting a perfect brew method improves your coffee game significantly.

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