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Looking For Small Breed Dogs? Here Are Your Options

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Small breed dogs are cute, lively, and friendly companions. They are small but packed with distinct personalities. Their sizes make them suitable for any apartment and make it easy for them to move around.

Making the right choice can be pretty challenging. But it would be best if you chose based on what appeals to you because choosing your dog is like choosing a friend. Below are some options you can consider.

Looking For Small Breed Dogs? Here Are Your Options

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a noble companion for a family because of its friendly, playful, and affectionate personality. They appear charming with their luxurious long coat, which can be groomed by brushing daily.

These Chinese lion dogs weigh about 9-16 pounds and 9-10 inches tall, and their lifespan could be 11-15 years. They are stubborn. However, consistent training can groom them. Because they are bred as house companions, you can take them for a short walk outside to exercise.

Yorkshire Terrier

These adorable small dogs, which originated from England, are often referred to as Yorkie. Want a charming companion? Have you considered knowing all about owning a Yorkie Dog? I bet it will put a smile on your face. They are so active and full of energy that they cannot handle dull moments. Their playful nature could cause excessive barking, leading them to bark at other pets they see. 

Their tiny size does not stop them from attacking other bigger pets. They need proper care and attention because they are prone to health problems, and they can be quite challenging to train. They end up learning if you are patient enough to groom them. 


Poms are intelligent, foxy-faced, loyal dogs. They are affectionate dogs that can be brilliant companions to provide happiness for your family. These breeds are easy to groom and enjoy games and tricks. 

They come in different colors and patterns of black, white and are commonly red and orange. They are perky and go well with children and other animals. Pomeranian is always alert, and this makes them pleasant companions for adults and excellent watchdogs.


The pug is a fun-loving dog that has a pleasant sense of humor. They are often described as a lot in a little. They are one of the most recognized small breeds in the world. They are outgoing dogs and can do well in moderate weather ( not too hot, not too cold). 

Their dark eyes, round heads, and gigantic eyes make them exhibit a human demeanor. Pugs mostly come in three colors: silver or apricot fur with a black face, or all black. They dislike being left alone for an extended period but could be your best companion if you do a lot of going out.

Miniature Schnauzer 

This is a French Schnauzer breed that has a human-like disposition. They can live for 12-14 years. This small dog is a bright, friendly, and energetic breed. These creatures are quick, alert, and playful companions. They enjoy being with children and can also be good with other animals. 

A moderate walk or simple game can serve as an exercise. They can be stubborn, but can also be trained. And they are small enough to adapt to any apartment. 


This is the only dog that originates from Cuba. They don’t often bark but are lovely watchdogs. They have long, silky or fluffy coats that keep them protected from the sun, and their adaptability makes them ideal for the city. They shed little despite their soft fur, but require frequent brushing.

They come in different colors and patterns. They are extroverts and dislike being left alone at home for a long time. They are pretty easy to train, but they take time to housebreak.

Bichon Frise

This breed has a beautiful appearance. Their white hypoallergenic coat and rounded white hair with dark eyes make them look attractive. They are sweet, affectionate little dogs that are friendly with kids, adults and also welcome strangers. 

They were born to cuddle, but can also handle training and exercise. This dog is an entertainer and loves to be in the spotlight. 


Maltese can make the perfect pet for you if you want an intelligent, affectionate, lively lapdog. They are covered by a long, straight, silky coat that touches the floor but does not shed much.

They are fearless dogs that make excellent watchdogs. These gorgeous dogs keep their puppy-like attitude throughout their life. They are playful with children and easily get injured when engaged in rough play because of their tiny size.

Looking For Small Breed Dogs? Here Are Your Options

All small breed dogs have distinct features and personalities that make them adorable in their unique way. Your choice should be based on the one that suits you best—considering your family, availability, patience, and interest. Make your choice and be happy with your new buddy.

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