A Guide To How Antiquated Arms Have Changed Over Time

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Humans are most definitely an aggressive species; at the top of the food chain, hunter gatherers furnished themselves with bows and arrows, spears and slingshots, and then came the discovery of explosive material and the firearm was borne. The idea was simple enough; put a projectile in one end of a metal tube and using gunpowder, propel the bullet out of the barrel towards the intended target. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that and there were some major accidents, with early forms of pistols exploding in the user’s hands.

Many of the weapons used in battle nowadays are very different from those that were used in past centuries. This is largely due to advances in technology, which have led to the development of more sophisticated and effective weaponry. Guns and rifles replaced bows and arrows as the primary ranged weapon, and cannons largely replaced catapults. In addition, armor has become much lighter and more flexible, making it easier for soldiers to move around on the battlefield. As a result of these changes, warfare has become much more efficient and deadly.

Mid-14th Century Firearms

It is believed that the very first gun was fired in 1364, which was a device that required a wick to ignite the powder that propelled a small lead ball. If you are an avid collector of antique firearms, there are affordable antique guns for sale from a leading antique dealer, where you can find genuine pistols and rifles, all at fair prices. Today, there are many antique dealers who sell genuine pistols and rifles from the mid-14th century.

These firearms were often used by soldiers who were fighting in wars. The bullets that were shot from these guns could travel at high speeds and could pierce through armor. As time went on, these guns became more and more advanced. The barrels of these guns became longer and the powder that was used became more refined.

Rifling The Barrel

This was a game-changer, as engineers discovered that rifling the inner surface of the barrel causes the bullet to spin, thus improving accuracy. The 15th century saw many developments with antique pistols and, of course, rifles, which soon became a major weapon on the battlefield.

18th Century Duel Weapons

In the 18th century, when two men had a difference of opinion, they would likely challenge each other to a duel, which might be to the death. These duelling pistols were made in pairs and are very much sought-after. A pair of duelling pistols in a classic frame on the wall would complement your study and they do appreciate in value, along with other antiques.


As you would expect, war has always been the main driving force behind weapon development, and World War I was certainly a time for big advances in firearms; many of these fine examples of antique firearms are available online from a leading antique dealer. An 18th century musket would look great on the wall in your study, and match perfectly with that military chest and Victorian chairs.

Collecting Antique Firearms

A Guide To How Antiquated Arms Have Changed Over Time
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Many of the weapons made in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries are still around and if you have a fascination for old guns, why not start a collection? Search online for a leading antique dealer and browse their gun section. You might find a stunning Flintlock Blunderbuss, or perhaps a Martini Carbine to place on the wall in a nice frame. Display is an important aspect of antique gun collecting. Some pistols come in stunning boxes and can be placed on the desk, while others can be hung on a wall.

There is a wealth of information online about every era in the history of firearms. When you are ready to make an acquisition, the online antique dealer has an extensive catalogue of genuine antique firearms. Of course, these valuable artifacts do appreciate over time and do require some TLC, which is part and parcel of collecting these unique devices.

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