Top tips on how to live more sustainably

For many years, lots of people around the world did not really consider how their way of life impacted the environment around them. However, the emerging climate change crisis has changed all this and seen many global citizens take an interest in doing what they can to help. 

Although this might sometimes seem hard, one effective choice is living in a more sustainable way. This simply means making changes to your current lifestyle, which reduces your impact on the environment and the natural world. This can often seem a tricky thing to do though, and many people often struggle with exactly what they can do to live more sustainably. 

If you find yourself in this situation, the below tips are perfect for helping you get started. 

Support organizations that aim for sustainability 

One of the best tips is simply supporting projects or organizations that are trying to achieve a more sustainable way of life. By supporting projects which promote sustainable living and organizations which do the same, you can help them succeed. This will not only see more people educated on the importance of a greener way of life but also see the projects and organizations involved reach their goals.

A good example of this is supporting the Cadiz Water Project, as shown at the Rebuild SoCal Partnership website. This project provides a reliable water supply to thousands of people in Southern California, through capturing water from the Mojave Desert which is currently lost to evaporation. As people in this state search for a greener and more long-term solution to drought issues, it is certainly one project which is crucial to support.

Reuse and repair 

In the last few decades, many people around the world have fallen into a way of life which is not good for sustainability. This, in turn, is not good for the environment and not good for the future of our planet. Fashion is a great example of this, and many people still only wear an item of clothing a few times before discarding it or constantly buy new clothes they don’t need. 

Therefore, a great tip for more sustainable living is making the effort to reuse things. This could be simply wearing the clothes you have rather than constantly buying new items but also extends into other parts of life. 

It is also wise to get into the habit of repairing broken items, instead of throwing them away to buy new ones. It is much better for the planet to have a broken kettle, watch or child’s toy repaired, for example, rather than discarding them. If you also think about giving sustainable gifts at major occasions (such as the best sustainable holiday presents), you will be well on the way to doing your part. 

Think about the energy you use in your home

A major part of living in a more sustainable way is thinking about the choices you make in life carefully and how they impact the world we live in. One easy tip to live in a greener way is to focus on the energy you use in your home. To begin, think about how much energy you use and find ways to reduce this where possible. You may, for example, sometimes put your gas central heating on when you don’t really need too! 

In addition, a good tip is also thinking about the type of energy you use. If you can, using sustainable options such as solar energy is preferable to using fossil fuels like gas. Although this might sound complex, it can sometimes be as simple as looking at which energy supplier you use in more depth. Many companies will only supply green energy to homes, and this is a simple way to live more sustainably. 

Consider driving electric 

Another great tip for more sustainable living is switching to an electric car. Whether you go hybrid, self-charging or fully electric, you will certainly be doing your bit for the planet if you do. As electric cars do not pump out the harmful emissions petrol and diesel vehicles do, driving in this way is a lot more sustainable over the long term for the environment. 

The great news is that there are not only a growing range of cool, fun-to-drive electric cars out there now, but also a growing number of charging points to use if needed. All this makes them a viable choice for drivers who are interested in being more environmentally conscious. 

Easy tips on living more sustainably 

As climate change becomes an ever more pressing concern and we all realize the importance of battling it, living more sustainably is something many people are thinking about. This is naturally a good thing and should mean the planet is protected enough to survive in the long-term. If you are keen to do your bit but don’t know how, the above tips should help. 

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