A Guide to the Best Dress Type for That Occasion – 3 Common Dress Code Descriptors

Best Dress Type

Deciding on what dress to wear is not always an easy task. It can be frustrating and can easily take a toll on you. However, that does not mean that you pick any dress and appear for that day. Dressing up right for wherever you are going is very important. At least you don’t want to appear for a wedding in a suit dress. You will seem like a weirdo.

Having the correct dress code for an event makes you look presentable and creates a good impression of your personality. For instance, the type of dress you wear for an interview tells much about you and may, in some cases, determine the probability of getting a job. For example, wearing a suit dress is more likely to get a job than wearing a mini dress if the right dressing code is formal business wear.

Whilst you may be already aware of the dress code, you may not be aware of the dress type to suit it. Here is a wide range of dresses to choose from depending on the dress code.

  • Casual

A casual dress code is a wear for any informal occasions. The dress code typically means it is open as long as the wear is appropriate. Casual wear dresses include mini dresses, shift dresses, sweater dresses, shirt dresses, pencil dresses, etc.

  • Business Casual

The business casual wear should be neat and professional. At most times, this is the “office look.” Although you can choose different looks, dress types that do well for business casual wear are a knee-length dress, dress shirt, suit dress, etc.

  • Formal Wear

Formal wear is not always a straightforward look. Different occasions may accept different wears. This type of wear can be worn on events such as confirmations, Christmas celebrations, funerals, weddings, etc. In most instances, the type of dress for formal wear is a long evening gown paired with heels and jewelry, creating that elegant look.

Reasons why you need to choose a dress that fits the occasion

  • The Need to Have the Right-Wear

It helps you to be always be keen on what you wear for any occasion. You can always know what dress fits what occasion. When you don’t have the right outfit, it creates that humiliating and uncomfortable environment. Thus, failing to relish the moment.

  • The Dressing Mode Speaks Volume About your Character

How you dress up for an occasion says a lot about your personality. Overdressing is a common way to create attention, while under dressing is termed to having less interest in appearance. Dressing right does not only boost your confidence, but it raises your self-esteem.

  • Enhanced Chance of an Interview Success

The first dressing impression you give in an interview can either get you the job or make you lose it. It’s essential to keep up with the dress code to have better chances of getting that job.


Failing to dress according to the occasion can be excruciating, giving you that awkward feeling. Getting the right dress for that occasion should be a top-list priority to ensure you don’t feel out of place. Always know the dress code to ensure you know what dress type fits that event. This will help you not only impact your self-esteem but also make sure you’re fit to be seen and decent.

Written by George K.

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