A Look At The Most Interesting Things To Wager On

Sports betting has taken off in the US. In 2018, the Supreme Court lifted a ban that had been in place since 1992. Since then, dozens of states have launched online betting markets, from New York to Colorado to Pennsylvania. Overwhelmingly, most American sports fans bet on the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Still, that doesn’t mean oddsmakers are only offering odds on major league sports. Deals from sites like OddsChecker, which list the best offers available, can be used for a variety of interesting events, sports, and leagues. Some of them aren’t even related to athletics at all.
If you’re new to betting and want to take a dive into some of the weirdest markets available from reliable and popular sportsbooks, then keep reading.


Major competitions on TV are some of the biggest non-sports markets in betting. One of the most popular covers is Eurovision, a singing competition that spans Europe. Musical artists represent their countries in the hopes of being crowned the next champion. However, not all markets are focused on singing contests. Another huge market in television covers the next James Bond. Now that Daniel Craig has hung up his hat, all eyes are on which male actor will next assume the role.


Darts wouldn’t be considered a major sport to many. In fact, through qualifiers for events like the PDC World Championship, bettors zero in on it each year. But what makes this a major market? It’s all about the details for bettors. Given darts is a game that depends on incredibly small margins, it’s usually the more skilled player who wins. Key word: usually.


Even five years ago, most bettors would have turned their nose up at something like eSports betting. Not many sports fans understood how Dota 2 or CS: GO competitions worked. Even if they’d played the game one or two times, that didn’t mean they understood betting lines—or even how to study competitors. However, the availability of eSports betting guides and handy breakdowns has helped put tons of new games on the map for bettors and sportsbooks.


While it might not seem like something bettors would wager on, many sportsbooks offer lines on British and US politics. And while politics have little in common with sports, it’s a fascinating field to study through the lens of favorites and underdogs. Will a candidate be able to make a last-minute play to appeal to new voters? What sorts of social elements will affect who is ultimately elected? Though a bit more complex than regular sports betting, it’s proved popular with bettors.

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