A Look at the Popular Gadsden Flag and Its Relevance Today

A Look at the Popular Gadsden Flag and Its Relevance Today

America is home to scores of exciting flags that represent different segments of the military and armed forces, the second amendment rights, historical piracy, and the nation itself. Every other citizen is a proud owner of at least a couple of these flags, displaying them on critical occasions around the year.

One such flag that has caught the attention of people in recent times is the original Gadsden flag. While the significance of the flag is incredible, the design itself of the flag is a highly captivating one.

The background of the flag is a stark yellow color, with a timber rattlesnake in the foreground, seemingly ready to strike. Beneath the snake are the words “DONT TREAD ON ME.”

Those unaware of what this flag means and why it is so popular today will find the information below somewhat of an eye-opener.

Brief history 

The renowned flag was named after its creator, Christopher Gadsden, an American statesman and general who designed it in 1775. The politician originally made the flag for the first Commander-in-Chief of the Naval forces, and it quickly became known as the first-ever flag of the US marines. It was hoisted aboard the USS Alfred by revolutionary icon John Paul Jones.

Benjamin Franklin described the snake on the flag as courageous with sharp eyes and that it does not attack first. However, he claimed that once the snake is engaged in battle, she never backs down.

The historical flag was subsequently replaced by the current one with stripes and stars, but it never lost its relevance. This spectacular flag quickly became a symbol of insurrection against government repression.

Throughout American history, scores of people began keeping a bunch of these stunning flags at home for their reasons, using them to display disagreement with regressive policies and unfairness or other kinds. 

What the flag means today

Today, you will find numerous variations of the original flag, having been changed to suit particular events, ideologies, or occasions. Besides changing color and placement, some flags consist of an apostrophe in the slogan, which the original design never had.

The libertarians started using the flag during the 1970s to demand individual rights alongside limited governance. Some portions of this group have replaced the rattlesnake on the flag with a porcupine. The flag is also famous among far-right groups even today.

Besides the above sections of people, the Gadsden flag has been used by minority groups all over the country to protest discrimination and repression by authorities they claim have mistreated them. Following this ideology, they modify the color of the original flag to black, silver, or even a rainbow-colored theme.

Where you can get one

You can easily order an original Gadsden flag on a reliable online retailing store that makes the flag in a variety of different materials and sizes, ensuring you find one you like. For instance, you can pick the same design on a black, silver, or multicolored background or with other words on it. Some flags incorporate the original design and modern styles, placing them next to critical emblems.

An advantage of online dealers is that they even custom-make this flag and other models as per unique client preferences. Such sellers are licensed, authenticated, and charge minimal shipping fees. Moreover, they offer recurrent discounts and easy returns or exchanges whenever required.

Cost of the flag

You can buy a flag with the original design from a reputable online store for as little as $14. It might cost a bit more if the size is larger than usual and the material is pricey. Variations of the flag can cost approximately $19 to anywhere from $24 and upward, depending on the exact design, fabric, size, etc. Small flags that you can put on a stand on your desk can cost less than $5, provided you buy from the right people.

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