The Best Flower Centerpieces for Every Season

The Best Flower Centrepieces for Every Season

A well-decorated table and a festive home start with a great centerpiece. There are countless ways to style a centerpiece, whether you’re hosting guests for the winter holidays or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your table with your birth month flowers throughout the season. Some of these centerpieces can be put together in a matter of minutes, while others are more elaborate and require more time. But they’ll all look lovely on a table. 

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are one of the most popular year-round flowers for classic events, thanks to their elegant, curved shape. For a timeless, simple arrangement, use them alone in a bouquet or centerpiece, or pair them with other classic flowers like hydrangeas or roses. White, orange, purple, pink, burgundy, and multicolour calla lilies are available.

Delphinium and larkspur

Delphinium and larkspur, which are distinguished by their long, stalk-like stems, are excellent year-round flowers for adding height and drama to an arrangement. Delphinium is one of only a few flowers that are naturally blue; larkspur refers to the pink, purple, and white varieties of the same flower. These lovely blooms are a popular choice for summer weddings.


A long-stemmed bloom with multiple buds or blossoms distinguishes this flower. Freesias are prized for their sweet scent and vibrant colours, which range from white to pale yellow to purple, pink, orange, and red. Freesias are great for quickly adding oomph to an arrangement because of the multiple clusters of blooms on a single stem. You only need a few stems to make an impact. Because the stem fans out to the side and creates a decorative shape on the lapel, they’re also popular for boutonnieres.


Carnations, on the other hand, have a bad reputation for being “filler” flowers (Charlotte York famously disliked them in Sex and the City). But their delicate petals and wide range of colours make them incredibly versatile and decorative. Carnations come in a variety of colours, including white, red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and green. They’re also one of the easiest flowers to dye—or choose from a multi-coloured variety.


Stephanotis is known for its unique but delicate appearance, thanks to its star-shaped blooms. This white, five-pointed flower is in season all year and is most commonly seen in wedding bouquets. Though it also looks great as a boutonniere or centerpiece. As stephanotis flowers have an open, tube-like center, florists frequently use pearl or rhinestone pins to finish the look.


There’s a reason orchid is one of the most popular year-round flowers. With over 20,000 species, there’s an orchid for every season, style, and budget. And they’re always a show-stopping addition to your flower arrangements. Cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, and phalaenopsis orchids, also known as moth orchids, are the most popular orchids (and are commonly grown in pots as home decor).


Gardenias are one of the best year-round flowers for a romantic, sophisticated look. These classic white flowers are native to the South and prized for their dreamy fragrance. They thrive in hot, sunny climates. Their large, fanned-out petals are accompanied by gleaming green leaves, making these flowers total show-stoppers in centerpieces, bouquets, and even as hair accessories.

Baby’s breath

If you think baby’s breath is only used in rustic weddings, you’re mistaken. While this fluffy flower is a go-to for laid-back themes and outdoor venues, it’s currently undergoing a makeover as one of the most popular flower trends. Spray-painting or dying baby’s breath in a rainbow of colours is one way to make it work for your event in an unexpected way.


Poppies are popular because of their papery texture. Make a wild, organic-style centerpiece with their natural playfulness to give your table a ‘fresh-from-the-field’ look while remaining refined.

Create your own centerpiece with these blooms

–        A blue and white colour scheme is timeless, and it’s a great option to think about when planning a spring gathering. For a striking combination, use white and cream blooms like peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and astilbe. Combine them with blue blooms like hydrangea, Hyacinthus, delphinium, and pansies.

–        The garden variety of some of our favourite flowers, from roses to tulips, requires little introduction. Consider this arrangement of leafy greens and ruffled petals for a romantic garden wedding. The centerpiece is made up of peonies, garden roses, parrot tulips, astilbe, and cosmos in shades of cream, blush, and bright pink.

–        From forsythia to cherry blossoms, flowering branches add an unexpected twist to the traditional centerpiece. The natural, often rustic vibe they exude can give the impression of sitting amongst the trees. Use them alone or as part of the arrangement.

–        When it comes to design, a neutral colour palette has a unique way of making itself appropriate for any event. Roses in cream and cafe au lait hues can be used to create a luxurious design that is brimming with elegance while remaining soft and gentle.

–        For a centerpiece that is sure to please, choose classic flowers that everyone knows and loves. White hydrangea, roses, and tulips are perennial favourites; for a twist, add a sprig or two of lily of the valley, or even hellebores to take things to the next level.

–        For a spring party, a pink and ivory colour scheme is a timeless and classic choice. Whether you go big or small, ranunculus, spray roses, and garden roses in any combination of those two colours will create a luscious centerpiece design.

–        A splash of colour is always a good idea. Consider using a classic colour palette for your centerpieces. Include green and white, and try adding vibrant colours for contrast that will be sure to catch your guests’ eye in a good manner.

These are flowers to suit every occasion, from a backyard party to a graduation celebration. Make sure your centerpiece idea fits your skill set, crafting supplies, and online flower buy time, and you’ll have a show-stopping piece of party décor. At the very least, it’s always an A for effort when it comes to centerpieces — though these fail-proof ideas are sure to shine.

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