A Practical Guide for Alluring More Customers

One of the main priorities for businesses is to attract more customers every day to ensure profitability. The key is to find the optimal and effective ways to reach your targeted audience, luring them in and making them come back for more. 

Different marketing and advertising strategies can make an impact and continue to bring in new customers daily, helping the business succeed. Linkedin is a great media to promote your business these days. You may go for Linkedin automation tools that are very beneficial for business growth. If you want your business to thrive and grow, then read on to learn more about the ways to lure more customers to your business with this helpful and practical guide.

Direct Response Marketing

Using direct response marketing tactics are effective in making customers engage more with you. The goal is to increase their call to action levels and that is achievable by using an email marketing strategy. The method is to have a discount for customers if they agree to a weekly newsletter, provide rewards for customers that subscribe, or offer free samples in exchange for being a part of your mailing list. This will increase your chances of having repeat customers because you have compelling emails that the customer finds appealing. Proper emails must be straightforward, personalized, and tailored to each recipient to guarantee a call to action response. Entice your customers with great opportunities that they shouldn’t miss out on, whether you own an online or brick-and-mortar store. Consider keeping up with your emails to ensure that your brand is visible and easily accessible, converting new clients to paying customers and retaining your loyal ones as well.

Utilize Outdoor Space 

Utilizing your outdoor space is an effective way to attract more customers because advertisements still work and they increase awareness levels. Displaying ads on public street furniture, implementing transit ads in public transportation options, having street art to entertain and entice customers, and even using business signage to catch their attention. The sign makers from suggest that displaying neon open signs as a business signage tactic will increase visibility. Great quality signs that communicate with the targeted audience will make a huge impact on your sales. Consider having custom designs for your outdoor ads that stand out with a clear message, having attractive and oversized color combinations that are easy to notice. When potential customers see your ads on a bus-stop bench, inside the subway, or randomly in the street, it will increase brand recognition and awareness levels significantly. Outdoor space ads are effective enough to continue attracting more customers to your brand.

Location-Based Strategies

Taking advantage of location-based marketing strategies will help your business attract and retain customers. It works by receiving location data from people’s smartphones at various points of interest, whether it’s malls, restaurants, or grocery stores. The three main components of location-based marketing are geo-fencing, geo-targeting, and geo-conquesting. The mobile industry can be utilized to your advantage because customers prefer using their smartphones. If they are walking in these point of interest areas, your company can implement a geo-fencing tactic to attract passersby with a compelling text message to visit your store nearby. 

A Practical Guide for Alluring More Customers

Another method is by attracting people that visit points of interest repeatedly, utilizing the geo-targeting tactic to deliver ads based on people’s most visited locations that are relevant to them. Implementing a competitive method is by using geo-conquesting which targets people that visit your competition’s stores, allowing you to possibly convert them to be your customers instead. Be smart with your ads and attract the right people for better results.

Word-of-Mouth Tactics

Another effective way to attract more customers is to implement word-of-mouth tactics. It can be done with your current customers by offering them certain perks, rewards, or discounts if they share your content or give coupon codes to their friends. It’s a win-win situation because your customers get what they want and your business gets a cost-effective method of marketing that attracts more potential clients. Consider using social media and mobile channels for this tactic.

The frustrating part about attracting more customers is that it depends on the targeted audience. Some tactics that work for some businesses aren’t guaranteed to work for your business. The key is to set goals for your company to have a target, giving yourself a measurable and specific objective that must be reached. Analyzing the goal will help you figure out which channels to use for attracting the customers, whether you go for social media, traditional marketing, referrals, or outdoor advertising. Extensive market research will help you understand your customers and know what they want, allowing you to have relevant information to achieve your goals. Once you’ve figured out which methods are effective, you will continue to attract more customers to your business.

Written by George K.

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