A Simple Guide to Begin Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency at the top of the crypto market and holds the highest share. All bitcoins’ combined crypto market value is estimated to be around 2.9% of the world’s money supply. All this clearly shows the popularity of bitcoins and their use in today’s world. Visit this link: BITCOINSMARTER.ORG

Trading bitcoins has made it simpler for everyone to transfer currencies rapidly without exerting a lot of extra effort or incurring additional fees. Since it is a decentralized currency with no intermediaries, it is much easier to exchange Bitcoins. Nowadays, there are many bitcoin users, but many others lack knowledge of bitcoin trading. A simple guide for beginners to step into bitcoin trading is provided here. 

Bitcoin Trading 

As the name suggests, Bitcoin trading is a trading in which you can buy or sell bitcoins for fiat currencies and exchange them for altcoins or any other products. Being the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is highly volatile; thus, bitcoin trading is not sure to always provide profits; rather, it can provide unexpected losses. 

Beginner’s guide for Bitcoin trading

First, you must remember that bitcoin trading will not always provide profits. So, it would be best if you did not always think about making profits, but you should try to minimize your losses. Trading should always be stopped after reaching a specific point, whether the goal is to avoid more losses or to ensure a certain profit. 

  • Try to learn all about bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin trading is always hard for beginners; thus, it would be best if they learn more. Nowadays, everything is available online, and you must find the right source for useful information. By doing good research, you will understand bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, like the best time to trade, how to make profits, etc. Even online classes are available for bitcoin trading, which will be helpful for beginners. 

  • Learn more about the factors responsible for bitcoin price fluctuations

As mentioned earlier, bitcoin is highly volatile, and numerous factors are responsible for its price fluctuations. Some of the important factors responsible for bitcoin price change are the following. 

  • Supply 

A lower supply would increase the demand for bitcoins, leading to a rise in their value. 

  • Press and news

A single negative breaking news can lower the bitcoin’s value to a large extent, while positive news can increase its demand. 

Many other factors are responsible for bitcoin price change, like its integration, security breaches, changes, etc.  

Steps to start bitcoin trading

  1. Choose a bitcoin exchange service

The first step toward bitcoin trading is to find the best exchange service that is genuine and reliable. Bitcoin exchange service is an online platform where you can trade bitcoins from different places. Since there are many such services, you must choose the best one to get better results. You can easily choose one of the best trading apps, like, and start your trading by signing up for free. 

  1. Using the identity verification tools provided by the bitcoin trading business, create an account for yourself

After choosing an exchange service, you can create an account in it by completing the KYC verifications. Some exchange services may not ask for much information; in others, you must submit all required documents. 

  1. Add necessary funds for your bitcoin trading.

To buy or sell bitcoin, you need funds in your account. You can add necessary funds to your account via a bank account (directly), credit or debit card, or any other payment option. Using a credit card to purchase bitcoins can increase the overall cost; thus, it is better to opt for other available options. Every time you trade bitcoins, depending on the nature of the transaction, you will be subject to a specific cost. 

  1. After adding the necessary fund, you are ready for bitcoin trading. 

Making profits via bitcoin trading is about perfect timing and may not provide the expected results. You can store the bitcoins you bought in the wallet provided by the exchange service or other hot or cold wallets. 


The term bitcoin is familiar to most people, but many of them do not know the complete process of crypto trading. Even though there are millions of bitcoin users, others fail to begin trading due to a lack of knowledge. All those beginners can use the simple guide provided here to begin their bitcoin trade. 

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