Addressing Router Malfunction – Improving the Performance of Mediacom & Optimum Routers

Addressing Router Malfunction - Improving the Performance of Mediacom & Optimum Routers

A router is the most important piece of equipment you will need to connect your devices to your internet network. It helps propagate the internet signals from your modem so that you can connect to the internet through multiple devices simultaneously. Without a router, you can only connect to a single wired device, such as a desktop computer.

Now, sometimes even the best routers might experience frequent issues which lead to slow internet speed, interruptions in the connection, disconnections, or other performance issues.

If you have subscribed to Optimum Internet plans or Mediacom bundles and want to maximize your router’s performance, here are some things you need to do.

How to Improve the Performance of Your Routers?

The following tips will also come in handy if you are experiencing a router malfunction:

Restart Your Router

If you are experiencing slow internet speed, it can be frustrating, especially when you are in the middle of gaming or watching a movie. Among other reasons, issues with your Optimum or Mediacom router might be an important reason your internet is running slow.

To fix that, sometimes a router restart can fix your speed-related issues. So, all you need to do is turn your router’s power off, wait for a few minutes, and then switch it back on. This might fix any temporary fluctuations in internet speed that you might be experiencing.

Now, it’s important not to skip this step. This is because even your Optimum customer service or Mediacom’s tech support will ask you to perform this step first if you get in touch with them.

Ensure Proper Router Position

The correct placement of a router makes a ton of difference when it comes to its performance. So, to ascertain that your internet and router are working optimally, you need to install it in a central location in your home. Ensure that no walls, electrical appliances, or big pieces of furniture block its signal strength.

Also, you must see that the Wi-Fi router is not placed in an enclosed space or near metal objects, as they can interfere with the Wi-Fi signals.

With the right placement, you can prevent dead zones in your house and improve the Wi-Fi’s performance.

Update Router Firmware

If there are any issues with the router’s performance, you might need to update it. That’s because router companies roll out frequent firmware updates to fix bugs or improve the privacy and security of the device.

To update the router’s firmware, you must access its settings while ensuring it is connected to the internet. Now, you can either download the firmware directly from the router company, or you might need to connect it to a computer through an Ethernet connection and access the router’s web-based interface. For update instructions, you can check the company’s website or Optimum or Mediacom’s support documentation to update a router’s firmware.

Ensure you follow the update process to prevent any malfunctions in the future or interruptions in the internet.

Run Diagnostic Tools

If the problem persists or your Wi-Fi has stopped working, you must run network diagnostic tools to check for potential issues. Now, several routers come with their own company’s diagnostic tools to check the issues or troubleshoot. This is the same for Optimum or Mediacom’s routers, as they provide such diagnostic tools in the router’s settings, or you can easily find them on the company’s website.

These tools tell you if your router is responsible for interruptions in your Optimum plans or Mediacom bundle deals and sometimes even inform you of anything specifically wrong with the router.

Maximize Bandwidth Usage

By optimizing your WiFi bandwidth, you can improve your Optimum or Mediacom router’s performance, especially when multiple devices are connected to the Wi-Fi. You can easily do this by accessing the Quality of Service settings with Optimum and Mediacom’s routers. With the help of these settings, you can prioritize the devices you want to remain connected to the internet.

Moreover, allocating bandwidth allows you to easily leave more of it for data-intensive devices such as gaming consoles or streaming devices to ensure a seamless experience.

Also, you should limit activities that hog a huge portion of the bandwidth, such as large files download or accessing cloud software, especially during peak hours, to prevent network congestion issues.


It is not uncommon for Optimum or Mediacom routers to malfunction after regular use. In fact, natural issues like lightning strikes and even power surges might affect the equipment’s circuitry. If the steps mentioned above cannot fix any issue, you might have to get it repaired. But if it’s a minor issue, you can set it on your own or even contact Optimum or Mediacom to reset the connection from their end.

With an efficient router, you can experience fast internet speeds at all your connected devices and engage in online activities without disturbance.

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