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All You Need to Know About Different Coffee Types

Everyone knows that there are different types of coffee, but only a true lover of this drink can list them all. Joking aside, no one would expect you to know every single one of them because there are so many. At times, it can be overwhelming to choose just one when you’re at a coffee shop. Plus, some of them have similar ingredients; hence, you’re not sure which is the one you like. 

The good thing about this beverage is that anyone (who enjoys drinking coffee) can find something for themselves. Some coffees are strong, and the ones a bit lighter and sweeter. We investigated a little bit, just to see what is at our disposal when it comes to this drink, and here’s what we have discovered.

What Does The Market Have In Its Store?


The word macchiato actually means a mark. It’s called this because the steamed milk leaves some type of mark after it is added into the cup. Various syrups are used to make this coffee yummier and what you’ll add to it depends on your preferences. Besides classic macchiato, you can also come across the long macchiato, which is not the same, although people tend to think so. This one is a taller version of the classic one, and it is famous for its distinct layers of coffee and steamed milk as well.

Caffe Americano

Many people claim that this type of coffee was made during World War II by American soldiers because they needed a drink that would last a bit longer than others. Since it became so popular back then, many American baristas started making this drink after the war. It’s really easy to make. Just mix some hot water with a shot of espresso coffee.

Black coffee

The name says it all. This drink is a perfect blend of coffee that doesn’t contain any milk or sugar. It is plain and simple, and it shouldn’t be combined with any other flavor, such as milk, honey, cream, or anything else. Why is that? It’s because you will drastically change the color and taste of this coffee if you add any of those ingredients. It will then become either white or light brown. There are numerous methods you can serve this beverage, and each of these ways can affect the taste in one way or another.

Other Delicious Types Of Coffee Drinks


For sure, one of the most popular coffee drinks, coming straight from a beautiful Italy. It is also known as the short black coffee, and it actually represents a foundation (and plays a crucial role) to all espresso-based beverages. There are several kinds of espresso beans that you can use based on your desires, and this guide can help you determine the one that’s perfect for you. So many options to try out!

Now, this coffee isn’t for everyone, since it is quite strong. If you’re not the biggest coffee lover, then we suggest drinking something lighter. On the other hand, if you want to taste something even stronger, drink a double espresso. It is known as Doppio, and it’s basically two regular espressos in one cup.


Remember how we said that espresso could be a bit strong? Well, here’s another beverage that’s intended for those who love their drink to be like that. It is actually an espresso shot that contains the same amount of coffee but half the amount of water. What do you get in the end? You get a drink that is both darker and stronger than a classic espresso.


As we all know, there are many types of coffee, but there is something about cappuccino that makes it so irresistible and, for sure, one of the most popular drinks in the world. What’s so good about it? Most coffee lovers love that it comes with three layers (like a cake). The first layer consists of espresso, the second is a shot of steamed milk, and the third one comes with a foamy, frothed milk. Speaking of the last layer, you can sprinkle it with powder or chocolate shavings. In Italy, they usually consume it during breakfast.

Instant coffee

This is definitely one of the simplest coffees to make. All you have to do is to pour a certain amount of water (based on your preference) over the coffee powder and stir until it’s ready. We can’t say that this is a first-class type of coffee, but it is a good choice when you need something fast and tasty.

So Many Options So Little Time

We weren’t able to list every single type of coffee in the world, but we managed to cover the ones that are consumed the most. Every coffee lover has their favorite, but who knows, maybe you discover a new one after reading this article. Whether you are looking for a big caffeine hit from espresso or just want something tasty like flavored cappuccino, you’ll find a coffee type perfect for you.

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