All you need to know about LED High Bay Lights?

The term LED is an acronym for light emitting diode. LED light solutions are far more efficient than conventional incandescent light bulbs. They work when electric current passes through a special kind of microchip, which then illuminate tiny light sources called diodes which results in visible light. While LEDs are available in many different forms, for the purpose of this article we will focus on LED high bay lights. Lepro has a wide variety of LED lighting solutions to meet your every need, including LED high bay light fixtures. 

What are LED high bay lights?

As indicative from the name, high bay lights are generally used to light up areas that have a high ceiling. This means spaces that have a ceiling height between 20 to 45 feet, give or take a few feet. There are also options of low bay lights which, again as the name indicates, are intended to be used for spaces with a ceiling height of 20 feet or under. Since rooms or areas with such high ceilings obviously have more space that needs illuminating, high bay LEDs are a powerful source of light source that can be used to light up any large area.

Where can high Bay lights be used?

Since high bay lights are fixed so high up, they are ideal for use in industrial or commercial structures. High bay lights have many applications across multiple industries, including but not limited to, workshops, assembly lines, and factories. High bay lights can also be found in gyms, warehouse stores, large recreational facilities and stores. Such lighting is brilliant for lighting up storage facilities as well. They are often found in larger meeting halls, event venues, or any other space that would need illumination from a height of over 20 feet. High bay lights are also used in aircraft hangars and high roof buildings.

What are the benefits of using LED high bay lights?

LED High bay lighting provides flawless, undeviating lighting to whatever is placed below it without too much glare. They are also far more energy efficient and economical than their conventional incandescent counterparts as they last much longer even though the initial investment is higher.   

How does using reflectors affect the light results?

Using different types of reflectors with your high bay LEDs will achieve different illumination effects and tasks. Using aluminium reflectors will make the light from the LEDs flow straight down towards the floor, whereas using a different prismatic reflector will diffuse the light for a softer effect that is best used for illuminating elevated objects or shelves.

What different fixtures are available in LED High Bay lights?

There are many different kinds of fixtures available for LED high bay lights. All have their own different pros, costs and efficiencies. Some examples of LED high bay fixtures are architectural high bays, round high bay lights, linear high bays, and grid mount high-bays, which all present different qualities of light and coverage. You can choose an option depending on what the requirement is for the tasks that will be performed under the light. 

Which LED High Bay option should I choose?

Having so many choices available for High Bay LEDs in terms of fixtures and bulbs, we have to make sure that all the pertinent research should be done before making a purchase decision. has many available options for you to peruse through before determining what option will suit you best. Making the right choice while selecting high bay lighting can increase safety, boost productivity, all the while maximizing energy efficiency. 

Written by George K.

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