What Is Land Surveying And Why It Matters

Are you looking for a place to build a property? Are you trying to develop your property or expand it legally? Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. In this article, we’ll be guiding you through land surveying or measurement to help you make your dreams come true. Land surveying is crucial to determine the area on which you want to build a property for a variety of reasons. It will help you avoid serious damages in cases of natural disasters occurring in the area and eliminate conflict that will likely arise if you encroach on someone else’s property! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of land surveying. 

Land Surveying Explained

Buildings and properties are not haphazardly planned out. Land surveying is a cornerstone to measure and map out the surrounding areas or environment. This is done through a thorough inspection using advanced technology, specialized equipment, and mathematics. As for surveyors, they work both in the office as well as in the field. Their work in the field includes using high-tech devices and sophisticated software like Auto-cad to map out the areas onsight and draft plans. Moreover, they use high order GPS and Robotic Total Stations. Surveyors also use aerial and terrestrial scanners, which are used in mapping out, making computations, as well as taking photos as evidence. 

Types Of Land Surveying 

Surveyors work on various types of projects, such as mining exploration, land subdivision, and even major constructions like tunnel building. Therefore, their main responsibility is to determine land measurements and provide informative guides to engineers, architectures, and developers. It’s also important to note that when you decide to survey a land, you should hire trustworthy and reputable professionals. In Calgary, the professional land surveyors at recommend seeking trustworthy advice on how to legally survey a land before hiring a professional. This is a job that is best left for experts to avoid getting in legal trouble or encountering hazardous situations during natural disasters. 

Why Land Surveying Is Important

Since we’ve repeatedly mentioned that trespassing someone’s land is very troublesome, land surveying saves the day. It is crucial for cadastral maps which show the boundaries of houses, fields, and properties. Land surveying also helps in making engineering maps for railways and roads and their communications with different parts of a country. In addition, it helps in making contour maps which are necessary for determining the reservoir capacity and useful in finding the best routes for railways and roads, etc. Furthermore, it is handy in making not only archaeological maps but geological ones as well. The archaeological maps help discover underground resources, whereas the geological ones help unearth ancient relics and similar monuments. Finally, land surveying helps in drawing out topographical maps, which are useful in showing hills, valleys, rivers, villages, towns, forests, etc. of a country.

What Is Land Surveying And Why It Matters

Why You Need Licensed Surveyors 

Land surveying is not for amateurs, and therefore, your only job is to make sure that you’re hiring licensed surveyors. Any surveys that are undertaken by a non-licensed surveyor will not be recognized or deemed eligible in case a boundary dispute arises. Hence, a licensed surveyor is solely entitled by the law to prepare a survey to mark the boundary of your property. After they have defined your property, you are entitled to requesting a confirmation plan. Such a plan denotes that the surveyor has completed their work legally and correctly. 

How Much Land Surveying Costs

There is no clear-cut final cost for land surveying, for it greatly depends on the scope a surveyor is requested to map out or measure. So, different underlying factors should be taken into account when you calculate the costs of surveying in total. First, you should consider the site location because it can result in additional costs if there are many trees or if the property is difficult to access by vehicles. The second one is a no-brainer; the bigger the property is, the higher will be the rate. Another factor to keep in mind is the shape of the property. For example, if you have a land with irregular borders, it will cost you more to measure and survey than a simple rectangular-like property. Finally, the physical features of the area can substantially increase the cost. If it’s a mountainous terrain with thick forests, it will most likely cost more owing to the strenuous surveying process and accessibility of roads. 

We hope that you now have a better idea of land surveying and the essential part it plays in the work of engineers and architectures. If you’re reading this guide, it means you’re probably looking for someone to survey and measure your property. Therefore, once more we stress the importance of getting a professional to survey your property and forego the DIY method.

Written by George K.

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