Always Wanted To Go To Guatemala? Why The Country Is A Great Choice For Travelers On A Budget

One of the biggest downsides to traveling, especially when you want to visit multiple places every year, is cost. The cost of living can be exceptionally high in certain countries yet mind-blowingly low in others. For example, visiting Singapore, which is famous for being a destination of choice for the ultra-wealthy, can cost you significantly more than visiting somewhere like Bali, for example. Yet these two countries aren’t too far from each other at all. Similar to Bali, you can find countries like Guatemala in South America, which are dream destinations for those looking for an exciting and different vacation while minding a careful budget. The country is well known for being a great choice for those traveling on a budget, and here are some of the reasons why.

Cheap Accommodation

There’s a great mix of different forms of accommodation in Guatemala, and depending on if you’re after an urban setting or one that is much more rural, that’s going to have some sort of impact on what you’ll be paying. However, it’s worth noting that even the more expensive options aren’t really that costly here. You can find everything from boutique hotels in the towns and cities to small rooms with the bare essentials, and even hostels for those that are looking for a cheap and easy place to get some shut-eye. Depending on the place you choose, you’re likely looking to pay anywhere from $20 to $100 per night, but of course, some places might be somewhat more expensive if you are searching for a more luxury stay during your travels as a treat. You could also save some money, especially if you’re traveling in a larger group, by renting a villa, splitting the cost between everyone. 

Low Cost Of Living

It’s worth noting that the cost of living in Guatemala isn’t lower than certain other destinations, such as many the Southeast Asian countries, for example, but it’s much more affordable than other nearby places. Be prepared for the surprise costs of certain activities that are mainly designed as a way to extort tourists rather than offer a genuinely authentic experience. Of course, you’ll still want to enjoy yourself, and keeping a tight grip on your purse strings pay serves to hamper your experience rather than improve it. For a seven-day trip, you should look at budgeting around $400 per person, but of course, you can raise or lower that budget based on your personal circumstances and plans. It’s worth remembering that locals will regularly try to charge you excessively for things, and it’s okay to try negotiating. Try to avoid simply accepting a price if it feels too steep, just because you don’t want to come across as rude.

Affordable Flights

While certain countries can be cheaper than others, the cost of travel when getting to those places can be the deciding factor as to whether you visit or not. For example, traveling to Guatemala from Toronto will cost much more than if you were to travel from Miami. However, it’s worth looking into flights to Guatemala wherever you’re traveling from, as you can find some pretty cheap flights to Guatemala if you use a few simple tricks. First, consider traveling here during what is known as the shoulder period, which is just before the end of March or the start of December. These are before and after the rainy season, respectively. The peak time to visit Guatemala is between these months when everything is verdant and lush after the heavy tropical rains. Traveling during the shoulder periods will likely be much cheaper than in the middle of the peak season. 

Beautiful Scenery

One of the things that you can do fairly cheaply in Guatemala is to visit the country’s amazing natural areas. There are a number of places you can visit for free, such as Lake Atitlan, a crater lake bordered by gorgeous natural scenery. There is also Cerro de la Cruz, a stone cross affixed atop a hillside, whereby you can get some incredible views across the city of Antigua with the imposing Agua Volcano as a backdrop. But it’s worth noting that many other activities that allow you to see some of the natural landscape around Guatemala are shielded by entrance fees. These fees are nothing drastic, but if you do enough of these activities, it all adds up. However, most of them are worthwhile as Guatemala is incredibly beautiful, and some of these sights will really take your breath away. 

Exciting Cultural Activities

As well as the natural sights, there are a number of amazing cultural activities to try in Guatemala and many man-made marvels that you should check out. One is Tikal, the remains of an ancient Mayan city surrounded by tropical rainforest. You can hike the trails that snake between these ruins to experience this gorgeous World Heritage site in all its glory. As well to Tikal, the city of Antigua is full of incredible architecture from the colonial era, most of which has heavy Spanish influences, of course. The city is so awash with many amazing structures and museums that simply spending one day here just isn’t enough to see everything properly. 

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