Amazing Ways to Create & Showcase your Mockup Designs

You’ve just finished creating beautiful artwork and now you’re looking for ways to showcase it and bring your design to life. What do you do? Faced an issue right? Don’t worry the easiest way which is even most influenced and used by major designers is to create mockups. Creating this conveys your design to your clients. By using mockup, you can enhanced the look of your design. 

What is a Mockup? 

In a nutshell, a mockup represents the final design of a product, webpage, or app. The mockup shows how the final design will appear to the world once it is finalized. Also, mockups are different from wireframes. Mockups help the clients to feel and visualize the feel of the product. While wireframes show the client the structure and function of the design.  

How Using Mockup Can Benefit your Business?

Keep in mind a strong and well present design can make your product or brand very upscale and professional. These can give your clients a classy, posh feel. Brands use mockups to promote their products. Always use mockups when you design a logo, business cards, flyers, applications, landing pages, letterheads, and many more. There really is an endless way to express your product and designs. <add about self-employment portfolio

Popular Ways to Show your Designs by Using Mockup

The mind of a designer is filled with an infinite amount of ideas. For this, you have a wide variety of mockups to choose from. What you imagine can be transformed into a realistic mockup. Let’s show you the most talked about and used mockup types. Then see for yourself which suits your niche the best. 

1. Mockups for Device

These mockups are used when you want to show off your, UX/UI design on various platforms, such as iPad, Macbooks or laptops, and Mobile phones. Mockups of devices show how the website or mobile app will look, feel, and function. This is to give that extra edge to get a more realistic version of your design. 

Amazing Ways to Create & Showcase your Mockup Designs

2. Mockups for Packaging

Paper bag, bottle, box, container, anything in which you can ship out or sell your item. You can paste and create beautiful aesthetic or funky mockup styles depending upon your brand. Ultimately, this allows you to convey the message you want to send to your target audience. Customers always look for nice packaging which affects their buying decision. So make sure to design and create a mockup that your customers will go crazy about. 

Amazing Ways to Create & Showcase your Mockup Designs

3. Mockups for Prints

Want to see what your design will appear on flyers, magazines, books, or any media. Print mockups are the way to go for. You can avoid minor errors and see what your design looks like on print mockups before spending a bag of money on printing. 

Amazing Ways to Create & Showcase your Mockup Designs

4. Mockups for Products

Product mockups are an excellent way to visualize how your design will look on your product before committing to product development. Product mockups are the most versatile way to view your design on hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, toys, and other products that are out there. There are many products for which customers need to check the mockup design before ordering them. Products included are cheap custom koozies, custom Popscocket, t-shirts, mugs, and many more. 

Amazing Ways to Create & Showcase your Mockup Designs

5. Mockups for Branding

Having brand mockups allows you to get an idea of how your logo or advert will look. This can be placed on Billboards, Posters, Store signs, Digital Ads, etc. Creating mockups allows your brand to reach more customers and get a feel of how their customers would react to their different advertisements. 

Amazing Ways to Create & Showcase your Mockup Designs

Different Sites to Create Quality Mockups

Want to make your designs look and feel realistic, and more pleasing? Here we’ve listed a few sites where you can get yourself mockup templates.

1. Layers

Layers are the ultimate premium design agency out there. Their mockups create artistic vibes with being minimalist at the same time. Layers make your mockup files pop out from the rest and ooze exclusiveness. 

2. House of Mockups

They offer free as well as paid mockup files. Their realistic high-quality mockups will make your designs more impressive. They supply a wide variety of mockups.

3. FreePik

They have over million PSD and vector files for you to choose from. You can even download cartoon graphics to icons for free to make your design more attractive. You will get multiple mockup designs for graduation koozies. birthday koozies, custom koozies, pop sockets, and different types of custom products.  

4. Artboard Studio

Provides more polished and aesthetically pleasing mockup files. Which makes your designs look more elegant. The main feature is you and your team can work together all from your browser. 

5. Mockup Tree

Another matching website where you can get beautiful mockups on the go. There are loads of templates for designers to lay their beautiful work on. They provide both free and paid files.

It’s time to create eye-catching mockups!

Design mockups are extremely effective display tools. As we discussed in this article, there are even more ways to showcase your product but all of this depends upon the product you serve. Keep in mind regardless of how you create your mockups, the end result will be determined by the designer and their devotion to a realistic mockup.

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