What are the places to visit in Sicily? 

Is your next destination place to visit is Sicily? Are you wondering where to go in Sicily for vacations? Well, it is not a big deal because there are several places to visit to Sicily. You can visit them and enjoy your vacations at the full. 

Sicily is the largest island and located in the Mediterranean Sea. it is separated from the mainland by the narrow  strait of messina. It is famous for the Mountains Island and European tallest active volcano. There is much other range of cultures that dominate the great history of the island and marked in the people’s heart. 

Do you also want that place to mark and want to make a beautiful memory for you?  Erice Sicily and the Mount Etna are always a strongest place for the tourist and the villas are so amazingly designed to capture the beautiful view of the place. 

That’s not enough because in Sicily the favorite food and the special place to eat is also a great difficulty to choose. In Sicily Aeolian islands is the place which is known for the favorite cuisine plus the climate is also the priority to add them in your visiting list.  Furthermore there are other places as well to visit. Lets start to discuss about them. 

1. Erice 

It is the place which is situated at the summit of the Mount Etna. A half mile below there is the city of Trapani. You can overlook the city from the Erice.  As for visiting Erice, the soul reason is the views of the Erice. Another interesting fact is that the Erice provide a break from the hot summer season into the cool temperature around the year.  In Erice the tourist attractions are the castles. The one is established by the Arbs and the other one is by the Britons. 

2. Monreale 

It is the capital city of Sicily and the monreale is place which is located near the Sicily. This city is located at the top of the golden shell. And the valley is known for the oranges and the olives, or almond trees. The tourist attraction is the food and the place monreale which is the example of the Norman architecture.  It is called by the golden shell because of the gold detailing. 

3. Aeolian islands 

It is the most visited place in Sicily and catch the tourist attractions all over the year. It is located in the northern shore of the Sicily. It is interesting place because of the volcanic and seismic activity.  This place is for the adventurers who loved to visit the places like that and have the adventure feeling. All the adventure travels catch the attraction because of the volcano. 

4. Syracuse 

It is first consider at the famous and most visited place in Sicily because of the temples and the church. In the bible it is many times discussed and still you have the tourist in those areas that capture the temple originality and the authentic images. 


I hope that this article will help you choose the places which are worth visiting and you will love to travel. The famous place and good food places are at the top of the list. 

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