4 Best Skincare Tips for You This Summer 

Summer skincare is critical, especially for those with sensitive skin! Whether you’re trying to protect against UV rays or avoid breakouts from sweat, taking care of your skin is necessary during the summer. To help you establish the most effective skincare routine for your needs this summer, here are the four best skincare tips to keep in mind. 

1. Wear SPF-30+ Sunscreen 

When it comes to protecting yourself from sun damage, you need the right sunscreen. Go for sunscreens that are SPF-30 or more to get optimal protection against the sun. Never use tinted sunscreen moisturizers as a sunscreen alternative. These are great as additional skincare support, but they are not substitutes for sunscreen! 

Make sure you use Babo Botanicals after sun care products to revitalize your skin after sun exposure. Collectively, these efforts can protect your skin and keep it looking and feeling healthy during the summer. If you feel prone to breakouts, go with spray sunscreen. Thick lotions and creams can easily clog your pores. Sprays will give your skin more room to breathe, which may help reduce the severity of breakouts you experience in the summer. 

4 Best Skincare Tips for You This Summer 

2. Use Facial Toner 

Facial toner is one of the last steps in a typical skincare routine because it sets your skin and boosts hydration. You might experience sweating and oil buildup on your face more often during the summer. You can combat these instances with a facial toner. Think of toners as a mini face wash you can spritz on throughout the day. Look for toners that utilize natural ingredients like rose water to keep your skin feeling fresh without exposing it to harsh chemicals and perfume fragrances. You should also apply other facial treatments in case your skin gets damaged in any way. Pinellas County residents often get PRP treatment in St. Petersburg when they want to rejuvenate and heal. PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and it is a medical procedure that improves the texture, color, and tone of your skin with no side effects.

3. Exfoliate In The Evening

Your tolerance for exfoliating may vary depending on how oily your skin is naturally. At least once a week (and more like three or four times if your skin can tolerate it), exfoliate with a dry brush to scrub off any debris that may have collected on your skin throughout the day. 

Since the sun makes your skin hotter, you are more likely to collect moisture and dirt in your pores. Exfoliating can reduce your likelihood of breakouts and deep blemishes like blackheads. 

You can also use exfoliating gloves in the shower and a dry brush afterward for added skin polishing benefits as well.  

4. Stay In The Shade

If you are prone to sunburn, stay in the shade when you spend time outside or limit your exposure to the sun. When you are in the sun, make sure you’re not directly under it, such as resting on a lounge chair directly under the sun, or you may be more likely to burn. Consider wearing a visor or an oversized sun hat to limit the sun’s exposure on your face. 

Avoid using essential skincare oils as a moisturizing agent until after you are done in the sun, as oil can speed up how quickly a person tans or burns (think of sun tanning oil). 

If you use oil under your eyes as a moisturizing agent, wait to use it until the evening once the sun has gone down. The skin around the eyes is a particularly sensitive area, so avoiding intense sun exposure here is super important!

The Bottom Line

The best summer skincare tips are ultimately the skincare practices that work the best for your skin type. Everyone’s skin responds differently to the sun, but the guidelines above are helpful for most skin types out there. Protect yourself from sun damage by limiting your sun exposure, using the right sunscreen, and applying the best toners and exfoliating products.  

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