The Globetrotter’s Guide to Starting a Travel Blog

Do you dream of ditching your nine-to-five gig for a nomadic lifestyle of thrills and adventures but aren’t sure how to fund your global travels? If so, starting a travel blog may be the perfect balance between work and play, enabling you to incorporate exhilarating excursions into money-making opportunities. 

Travel blogging gives everyone from the jet-setting digital nomad to the casual weekend journeyer an opportunity to pursue their passion while tramping around the globe. If you’re curious about how to get started, continue reading. 

Select a travel niche

Because travel blogging is such an intriguing career path, the internet is rich, if not slightly overwhelmed, with influences and vloggers sharing their experiences abroad. As a result, finding your niche and differentiating yourself from the crowd is necessary to build a solid, dependable fan base. 

Whether you land on zero-waste trekking, adventuring with little ones, or traveling on a budget, make sure you stick to your target audience and build your brand from there.

Pick a unique blog name

Most popular blogs feature a unique name that catches the eye and draws readers in, showing them what to expect from your content. 

As you come up with ideas, keep your site’s name simple and easy to remember—but don’t forget the pazazz. Try out funny puns, dig into double meanings, or break out a pop-culture reference or two—just make sure it packs a punch. 

Get your technology

Before you begin reaping the benefits of travel blogging, you’ll need to set up your website. Bloggers need a domain name and a platform to host content, with many relying on sites like WordPress for their initial setup. Additionally, make sure you have a computer, laptop, or tablet capable of running the necessary software. 

If you plan on uploading video or photo mediums in addition to text, consider purchasing a high-quality camera and mic to capture every exciting moment. 

Develop an online persona

If you like the idea of a travel blog but feel nervous about being in the public eye, consider developing an online persona to maintain your anonymity while adventuring. When creating a profile, stay engaged and realistic to keep your audience invested. 

Many bloggers and influencers use fake names or addresses on blogs to preserve privacy in their personal lives. At the end of the day, you’ll decide how much to share online and develop a persona around the lifestyle you want.

Get busy on social media

Blogging and posting on social media go hand in hand. Your social media presence will attract readers, clicks, and advertisers, so take advantage of popular sites to increase daily engagement and broaden your base. 

When posting, always include links to your blogs and other socials to connect fans across the board and bring in additional revenue. Additionally, make sure you have high-quality photos in your posts, and don’t hesitate to use reels and upload videos to draw more interest to your blog content. 

Connect with your favorite brands

Successful bloggers eventually make money from advertisements, and you can speed up the payment process by reaching out to your favorite travel companies. Say you blog about camping and continuously mention specific tent or clothing brands. If that’s the case, consider reaching out to companies, sharing your blogs, and extending a partnership opportunity.  

Though it may take time for collaborations to roll in, you can continue to share their products and social media posts to keep your name at the forefront of their minds. Once you’ve made an impact, they might begin sending free product to test or pay you to insert advertisements into your content. 

You can also connect with brands as an affiliate. With affiliate marketing, you link to products on another website and earn money when someone buys the product through the link. Many successful companies prefer affiliate links as a low-cost alternative, perfect for travel bloggers looking for a bit of extra cash. 

Write and publish helpful posts

As soon as you establish your domain name, site content, and social media setups, it’s time to begin writing. However, some fresh-faced bloggers fall into the trap of quantity over quality, pushing out mediocre post after post to attract readers. Instead of wasting valuable time pumping out multiple articles per day, limit content to several times a week and fill down-time with social media posts. 

Additionally, make sure each post is clean and easy to read, with pictures, creative language, and helpful off-site links. Once you’ve settled into a weekly schedule, you can sit back and watch as readers flock to your page.

Learn about SEO and keywords

If you want to draw traffic to your site, learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords is a must. Whether you take a course on SEO strategies or scour the internet for helpful information, optimizing your content will increase clicks and revenue. 

Wrap up

With the right tech, a catchy domain name, high-quality posts, and an engaging persona, you can turn your addiction to travel into a lucrative and enthralling career. So, pack your bags and jet off to your dream destination—and don’t forget to capture every moment.  

Written by Mia

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