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5 Ways to Increase Your Video Editing Speed

You often feel the need to edit a video, whether you’re making a short film or a movie, or if it’s just a birthday post for one of your best friends. There are specific challenges that a person might face when editing a video online, so to ensure that your editing process goes smoothly, we’re here to help you out and answer all your queries in this article.

You might be facing some troubles while editing could be a software issue. Different types of software support other videos, so you need to ensure that you’re using the right one for your video. Desktop apps like OpenShot and Movavi Video Editor or online tools like VEED and ClipChamp can help you mainly edit all kinds of videos: add transitions and effects, insert subtitles, change video and audio quality, and more. So if you want to become good at video editing, you should definitely check them out.

Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind while editing a video online:

1.  Eliminate Distractions

You need to turn off all the distractions of working on a computer when editing. For the longest time, if you have your computer’s alerts set on, then it would interrupt the video editing process as it takes time to respond to these emails, texts, and other notifications.

This is obviously bad for your productivity. When you’re ready to edit your next film or video, either turn off the computer or (if you’re using a Mac) go to the top right-hand corner, click, and change your notifications to “Do Not Disturb.”

2.  Use Keyboard Software

Stop clicking unnecessarily with your mouse and start looking for the required tools. Learn the keyboard shortcuts for those video editing tasks. You may dramatically boost your editing speed by employing these keyboard shortcuts.

3.  Write Down Your Ideas 

It would help if you always kept a notepad handy with you during the whole production process to jot down ideas and stuff that is needed to remember throughout the process. Similarly, make sure the crew is utilizing a camera log during production. This will save you a ton of time during edits since you’ll be able to distinguish between the excellent and imperfect takes readily.

5 Ways to Increase Your Video Editing Speed

4.  Save the Audio Mix for Later

Any editor will tell you that mixing audio takes time and is best left until the conclusion of the production. Only begin the final mix once the cut has been locked and accepted by the customer.

A mix in your editing tool will generally serve for modest video productions. A professional audio device like Adobe Audition offers larger productions with budgets. Premiere has a basic round trip option that simplifies the procedure.

5.  Get Comfortable and Find Your Spot

Because video editing will have you sitting for various hours on end, the first step is to make sure you’re comfortable and supported. We recommend investing in a high-quality ergonomic chair or even a ball chair, whichever you choose.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you liked the above article for easing the process of making and editing videos online. With the above tips and software, anyone who is not a professional can edit these videos independently.

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