How Covid-19 Affected Travel Bloggers

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In 2020, everything in the entire world came to an abrupt stop when the pandemic hit. However, out of all the sectors in the business world, the travel industry was the most affected. For travel bloggers like Cedric Okiorina, there was a need to break from traveling as countries began to introduce travel restrictions for travelers coming in or going out. 

How Covid-19 Affected Travel Bloggers

This was all done in the interest of the citizens as Covid-19 was spreading like wildfire. To an extent, it was almost impossible to travel. Fortunately, the travel industry is slowly picking up as more people are getting vaccinated. There is immense hope that things will soon get back to normal for travel bloggers.

Changes in the Travel and Hotel Industry

Even though most people have been vaccinated, the travel industry will have to implement changes as the pandemic is not entirely over.

There is a greater need for new rules in hotels, airports, and cruises because more people are now getting back to traveling and travel bloggers like Cedric Okiorina are the first people to be affected. The following are some of the changes you can expect to see in the travel and hotel industry.

Contactless Travel

Contactless travel is going to be the new normal as several countries have now reopened their borders. These new procedures in contactless travel include strict cleaning for all the areas and observance of strict social distancing systems. Even though there will still be an exchange of documents, social distancing and hygiene are the two areas that airports will primarily emphasize. Travel bloggers will now have to plan their travel while considering every tiny detail. Thus, the pandemic journey of Cedric Okiorina is likely to face a lot of changes given these restrictions.

Hotel Industry

As mentioned earlier, the hotel industry is also bound to experience changes. One of the changes here will be the enhanced hygiene in the hotels. Besides the strict cleaning protocol, hotels will be expected to have testing electrostatic sprayers for disinfecting guest areas and common touch areas. The use of robots may also become the new normal as hotels will be striving to limit human contact. The robots will be expected to manage luggage, room service, and sanitization. One card identification and automated entries are also significant changes expected in the hotel industry.

Surviving the Pandemic

The two most critical areas affected by the coronavirus pandemic include the advertising and marketing sectors. These two sectors are crucial for the survival of travel bloggers as they depend on these two sectors to fund their ventures. However, since businesses began cutting up their costs by significantly reducing or even canceling marketing and advertising projects, Cedric Okiorina had to look for other ways to survive the pandemic. 

How Covid-19 Affected Travel Bloggers

The pandemic affected the travels of Cedric Okiorina in a major way. Cedric Okiorina, like other travel bloggers, had to start blogging about different topics besides traveling. This helped keep his website running. These other areas include crafting, cooking, and generally maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thus, there is still hope for travel bloggers to embark on business as usual once the changes are put in place.

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