Baby Monitor Buying Guide: What You Need to Look For

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Are you tired of tiptoeing to the crib to check if your baby is okay? Well, welcome to the world of baby monitors. Although there are different options available at your disposal, you’ve to choose the one that meets your requirements. When making selections, you need to decide whether you want a Wi-Fi or frequency monitor? Depending on the options available, it needs to be valuable and practical in your life. In this guide, you will learn about the best brands of baby monitors.

Beforehand, let’s define what baby monitors are.

What’sWhat’s a baby monitor?

It’sIt’s a device used by parents to monitor, watch, or listen to their babies remotely. The device consists of a transmitter, usually a camera equipped with a microphone and a receiver unit that the parent uses. In summary, a baby monitor transmits sound, video, and data through radio Wi-Fi or radio waves to the parents’ receiver.

Do you need a baby monitor?

You might ask, do I need a baby monitor? Typically, the answer is yes. Parents who use this gadget report that they have a good sleep knowing that they will be alerted through the device in case of nothing.

That said, you don’t need a baby monitor if you stay in a relatively small house and within a hearing distance.

Categories of Baby Monitors

Typically, there are three different type categories of baby monitors.

  • Health tracking baby monitors.
  • Audio only monitors
  • Audio and video monitors.

Features of baby monitors

The best brands of baby monitors offer much more than alert you when your baby is crying. Depending on your needs, you might not require a baby monitor that does everything. Highlighted below are some of the features which are helpful for the best baby brands.

  • Night vision: This allows you to see your baby in the dark.
  • Talk-back: If you want to soothe your baby, this comes in handy. Besides, it can also help you communicate with your baby by letting them know that you’re on the way to their room.
  • Voice Activation: This allows you to know when your baby is awake.
  • Camera support: if you’ve more than one child in your house, then you might consider buying a monitor that supports multiple cameras.
  • Room temperature: The best brands of baby monitors should be able to alert you about temperatures. The feature is essential to make your baby comfortable.

Beyond the named features, there are factors you need to take into account.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby monitor.

Beyond looking at the features, here are some factors that you need to consider.

  • Privacy and Security: Ever heard of cameras being hacked? The baby monitor you choose should guarantee your Child’s privacy and security.
  • Health and Safety: The device you choose to keep your child safe should not end up endangering them. When shopping for the best brands of baby monitor, ensure it can’t harm your baby.
  • Range: If the monitor only allows you to be within a hearing range, then there’s no point in buying it. A good monitor should give you at least 115 feet range when used in a house.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for the best brands of baby monitor, one factor you need to consider is your kid’s security. Otherwise, there’s no point in buying the device. Now that you’re aware of baby monitors, go out there and get one that meets your requirements.

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