Bathroom Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Using a clean bathroom can be sometimes hard especially if it is a common area. This can be in your family home, office, restaurant, or even at a friend’s house. Have you ever been in a compromising situation with people bending the rules? How uncomfortable can it get cleaning after someone else?

It is essential for you to observe etiquette having in mind your comfort and the well being of the other person as well. Here are some rules you should have in mind for a cleaner bathroom. They are common etiquette that everyone should follow.

Do Not Talk

A common misconception is that the bathroom gives a safe haven for you to talk even on your phone. Not only is it rude it also disturbs the peace of those around you when going about their business. Furthermore, do not let everyone know your struggles when going about your business. 

Do Not Leave the Toilet Seat up

Imagine a scenario where just as you’re about to leave the bathroom stall, your valuable item like your phone falls in the toilet bowl. It will be embarrassing, messy, and uncomfortable for you. Always ensure that you place down the toilet seat immediately after use and confirm it is clean. Of course, you can say that it is the 21st century now and there are all kinds of smart toilets that can both clean and lower the toilet seat, and you will be right. But not everyone has these toilets, and in general, it is better to do it by yourself, and not rely on newfangled technology.

Replace Used-up Tissue Paper and Bathroom Essentials

How uncomfortable Will it be to the next person upon realizing that issue is over just when they need it. Kindly make sure that you replace a tissue roll when one is about to end. If soap is finished, consider replacing it too. Should you enter a bathroom with no toilet paper, you can borrow from the next stall. However, remember to extend the courtesy should your neighbor be in need too. 

Observe Personal Space

The bathroom is not a chattering room. It is rude to strike up conversations with someone you know in the bathroom. The conversation can wait, can’t it? Let people observe their call with nature Without interference or insistent chatter. Supposing you meet someone you know in a public bathroom, give them a nod then proceed. Do not attempt to shake their hands.

Always Flush the Toilet After Use

It is rude and bad manners to leave your mess in the toilet bowl for the next person to see. It doesn’t hurt to make sure that the toilet bowl is completely flushed before leaving the bathroom stall. After use, and sure you flush immediately. If the ball hasn’t cleared yet, flush again.

Wipe Any Accidental Mess

It is normal to maybe soil the toilet seat, or even the bathroom floor. However, clean up the mess before leaving the bathroom. Also, avoid spitting in the bathroom sink. Never leave your mess for someone else to clean after you. 

Properly Dispose of Hygiene Waste in the Waste-Bin Provided

Improper disposal of items such as wipes, sanitary pads is disgusting to the next person in line, or even the person cleaning the bathroom. And sure you rap the West properly and dispose of it in the segregated bin. Additionally, do not make the mistake of flushing it down the toilet. Doing so will clog the toilet.

Always Knock the Door

Always ensure too fast to knock on the door to find out if the bathroom is occupied. Alternatively, you can hold the door handle and turn it once. If the door doesn’t move the bathroom is occupied. Avoid jiggling the door handle several to avoid disturbances. You should also avoid knocking on a door that is locked. Go to the available bathroom stall. 

Wash Your Hands

One of the most important things that you shouldn’t forget is to clean your hands before leaving the bathroom. This ensures that you get rid of germs that may cause infections. More to that, and sure you use running water and soap and clean through your hands for at least 20 seconds. Also, avoid handshakes whenever you are in the bathroom.

Observe Time

One common mistake people tend to make is sitting on the toilet seat to scroll through their phones. What about the next person in line? Focus on the task at hand; avoid using your phone scrolling through your Internet instead of paving the way for the next person.

Wait in Line

Be patient. If using a public bathroom, be courteous enough to wait in line for your turn.

Report a Toilet Malfunction

Supposing you are the last person to use the toilet if you notice any malfunction reported to the responsible person. It can be clogging, leaking, or constant running of water from the toilet water tank.

Close the Door

Simple as it may sound, some people pay no attention to closing the door. Make sure you close the door after you enter and the lock clicks. This saves you an embarrassment of having someone walk in on you as you do your business.

Avoid the Handicapped Bathroom Stall 

Don’t use the stall, unless you are in genuine need. It would not be polite when someone comes who requires it after you enter. It would not paint the right picture. 

The above rules of etiquette should always guide you when using a bathroom. Not only does doing the above give you a pleasant experience when using the bathroom, but it also ensures those who use it next are comfortable too.

Written by George K.

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