Becoming a Lawyer: Some Signs You Should Pursue Law as a Career

The legal profession attracts many individuals. You might watch a cop drama on TV and like the courtroom scenes. Maybe you have some lawyers in the family, and you enjoy watching them work.

You might get into law for many reasons. Maybe you go through a tough situation in your life, and having an experienced attorney on your side makes you respect the law even more. Let’s talk about some signs that you should pursue law as a career.

You Love Arguing  

You might become a lawyer because you love arguing. Maybe as a child, you like debating your siblings, parents, or teachers. Perhaps you enjoy playing a contrarian’s part.

If so, you might get into the legal profession and become a prosecutor or a criminal defense lawyer. In either case, you can get up and argue in front of a captive audience. You will have high stakes as well. If you win your argument, you might convict someone, or you might get them off the hook.

Either way, you’ll probably feel excited. You will enjoy the thrill when you win, and you’ll get that as well.

You Like Getting Paid Well

If you get into the legal profession, you might make some serious money. Maybe you want a lavish lifestyle. You want a big house, multiple cars, a swimming pool, nice clothes, etc.

You can get all those things if you pursue law and you are skilled enough. You might become a corporate lawyer or do celebrity criminal defense. You may do personal injury law as well.

These choices can make you rich. If you do corporate law, the large corporation for which you work should pay you well. If you defend celebrities, they have money, and you can charge them high fees.

If you do personal injury law, you can get 30-40% if you win someone’s case. They might set up a contingency payment plan with you, and if you win, you’ll cash in.

You Like Helping People

You can also pursue the law for humanitarian reasons. Maybe you do not care about money so much. You can get into the legal profession and help people, and you can change their lives in a very direct way in some instances.

For example, you might defend someone the police say broke the law, but you think it’s not true. They may not have any money, but you can defend them anyway. They need a strong criminal defense, and if they don’t get it, they’ll likely end up in jail.

You may represent someone in a personal injury case if a doctor hurt them. You can bring a medical malpractice case against that doctor or hospital. 

Maybe you will represent a family in a wrongful death case. Perhaps some corporation’s product killed a family member, and now, you’re seeking justice, so the company doesn’t walk away without taking responsibility.

You can help people in a very meaningful way if you pass the bar. You can pursue justice and make a difference.

You Want Fame

You may also want fame. Perhaps you can’t make it as an athlete or an actor, but you can certainly gain notoriety in the legal profession in some cases.

Think about lawyers like Gloria Allred, who earned fame representing women in discrimination cases. Consider Johnnie Cochran, who achieved notoriety by representing OJ Simpson in his murder trial.

These lawyers had the spotlight for a time, and even now, most ordinary people know their names. You might bask in the spotlight when prosecuting or defending someone famous.

You can also gain some local fame as a lawyer. Maybe you won’t take on the most famous cases, but you’ll do personal injury law in a certain region. Perhaps you’ll do injury law and create commercials and radio spots that run in a local market.

You can star in those radio spots and TV commercials, and you can have your face and name all over park benches and billboards. When you walk down the street, people will notice you. You might like that attention. You can get it if you pass the bar and conduct yourself correctly.

The law attracts so many people, and you can practice the kind you want. You might make money and get rich, or you may help people and society at large. No matter what you want, you can usually get it through the law if you have skills and determination.

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