How to Get the Best Feedback for Your Job Search and Land a Job 50% Easier with SkillHub

It can be hard to find a job quickly, considering that landing a job position takes up to four weeks. Long hiring processes can discourage many job seekers from starting a new career. If you want to move quickly, you might be wondering if there are ways you can speed up this process. 

To help you quickly get a job, we have compiled a list of nine practical tips. These strategies will help you get the job you desire quickly, whether by refining your resume or following up with an interview follow-up. Job seekers who follow these tips land a job two times faster than usual and see the results for themselves!

Make Sure You Are Specific when Searching for a Job.

You have limited time and want to find a job soon. Don’t waste your time on job applications that are not entirely satisfactory. Job boards’ search engines can be aided by a list of keywords that match the job seeker’s experience and qualifications. Targeted search allows you to remove jobs that don’t meet your location, experience, and benefits criteria. Job seekers can find jobs matching their needs using the relevant keywords.

Don’t Accept a Position That Is Not Perfect.

Don’t compromise your passions when it comes to your career goals. A company’s work environment and culture should match the required skills and qualifications. Research potential employers and review them to ensure they are compatible with the work environment and values of the job seeker.

Create Custom Cover Letters.

They are still relevant. 87% of hiring managers said they had read the cover letters. Job application numbers are even more impressive: tailored cover letters led to 51% higher interview rates and 31% higher callback rates. To increase your chances of getting a job, you might also want to check follow-up letter example at military resume writing to contact potential employers after an interview properly. Changing your cover letter for each position you apply for is a good idea. It pays off, as this statistic shows.

Your Resume Should be Job-Specific.

Every resume submitted should be specific to the job, just like the cover letter. Job seekers should emphasize the skills and achievements that can be useful for the position and add it to resume builder zety. If a job description has similar requirements to your qualifications – mention them in a resume.

The applicant tracking system or the hiring manager could overlook the resume if you don’t mention your qualifications. Job seekers may be disqualified from the job before anyone sees their resumes. When crafting a resume, leave out irrelevant qualifications to make more room for essential skills and professional achievements. 

A Well-Rounded Resume is More Than Just a List of Employment.

Many job seekers cannot find the right job for several weeks or months. This delay can cause gaps in the work history section, making recruiters worried that the job seeker is unreliable. But, listing only your work history does not make a resume.

Mention any volunteer work, continuing education, or freelance work you did during the gap. Mention that your status was that of a stay-at-home parent. Recruiters want to know what you did and what you learned from other employers.

Do not fake your skills.

During interviews, employers can see when candidates lie about their abilities and cultural fit. Employers want to know who they hire, so you should be a good match for the job. False information could lead to poor job placements, poor performance, and even the beginning of a new job hunt. If you cannot find a job quickly, it is not worth the effort.

Although it may be tempting to tell the employer what they want, this could endanger a job searcher’s career and relationship with the company. Honesty is the best way to show your talents and land your desired job.

Share Your Story and Experiences.

Interviews are an excellent opportunity to show your abilities and experience by giving concrete examples. Use stories about your successes and lessons learned to support your skills and provide examples of work situations that demonstrate professional capabilities.

Job seekers must demonstrate how their skills helped previous companies succeed. For such a demonstration, it is best to use quantifiable numbers. Skills demonstrations can be based on the following factors:  

  • Number of closed or resolved leads;
  • The sales volume;
  • Customers rating.

Use Your Network to Discover New Opportunities.

Sometimes, job opportunities can arise out of nowhere and through unexpected connections. Be open to networking with professionals in your field and communicating with them. Connect with peers, colleagues, and classmates via email, social media platforms, or LinkedIn to maintain a network that offers career opportunities and growth.

A professional network may give access to unexpected opportunities. They may be out of your initial job search scope but provide more excellent job offers than you could have expected. 

Concentrate on Your Accomplishments.

Recognizing your accomplishments is a great way to show your abilities and success in your career. A job seeker may not have ten years of experience, but telling a story about how their team doubled its sales in one year can make them stand out when applying. When listing your achievements, don’t forget to mention any certificates or awards you have received in your field.

Bottom line

These are general tips for a successful job search. These tips will help you plan and follow the perfect job. If you’re prepared, getting a job in the post-pandemic talent market is possible. A candidate who is confident and ready to do anything is the most valuable.

Best professional resume writers can help you achieve this confidence. Skillhub’s cover letter and resume writing services can help job seekers create winning documents that will work in any industry or career field. Combined with these tips, a professional resume by Skillhub will make your job search more accessible and efficient.

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