Benefits Of Knowing Your Hair Type

People in the world have different hair types. The general categories are straight, curly, long, and short. However, there is more to hair types than these general descriptions that are important to know. Texture, density, porosity, and curl patterns are among the intricate details about your hair that you need to know. The porosity of your hair is directly linked to how dry or oily your hair is. Some people have more absorbent hair than others and this is critical in informing decisions about your hair care routine and the products to use in your hair. 

If you have high porosity hair, you need to include more hydrating oils and serums in your regimen. Low porosity hair on the other end has a sealed cuticle and can easily accumulate products and dirt. A clarifying shampoo is a must have to keep the hair fresh. Medium porosity hair is the least problematic as it has open cuticles that allows for easy oil absorption. An expert can help you identify your hair type and here are some of the benefits of having this information. 

Experiment with hairstyles 

Once you know your hair type, it is possible for you to explore hairstyles that are beneficial to your hair. Twist hair is among the popular trends for protective hairstyles but everyone’s mane can accommodate the same. Information on your hair type can help inform the best protective styles for you that complement your natural hair. Hair breakage is common when you choose a hairstyle that is not agreeable. A hair analysis from your saloon or an expert within your locality should be your first step towards experimenting with hairstyles. 

Helps with product selection 

Picking a suitable product from the wide variety available in stores is impossible if you do not understand your hair type. As discussed above, porosity is a key factor in helping you decide but it is not the only critical component. Follicle geometry, hair diameter, and length are some of the additional factors that you cannot assume. The absorbent nature of your hair, texture, and density will dictate the best products to pick. For instance, the curly girl method wavy hair cannot be achieved by people who do not have the correct products and hair type. 

Aids in creating a hair care routine 

Taking care of your hair is essential to ensure it is healthy and that the scalp is well taken care of. The analysis an expert subjects your hair to will give you an insight on the best products to use in your hair. The mechanical properties are also critical in helping you decide the best hair care routines to incorporate and the frequency for the basics. The analysis shapes the routine for both long and short hair. Luckily, there are only resources that can guide you as you create the routine with product and tools suggestions that work best for your hair. 

Ensure that the hair analysis is done by an expert with years of relevant experience in the industry. If you are unsure of the products to use, it is best to consult a specialist before using anything. 

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