The Comeback Of Early 2000 Fashion Trend – Hair Tinsel

Who would have thought that the trend of attaching colorful strands to the hair would make a comeback in this era? But now, this trend is popular on various social media platforms. Many influencers and teenage girls are wearing these sparkling fairy hair tinsel. So, before trying different hair colors for events or wearing a wig, you should try tinsel on your hair. 

Get to know What is Hair Tinsel:

Hair tinsels a trendy hairstyle fashion that gives vibes of fairy hair. In this hairstyle, the glitters are attached to the hair with beads. Tinsel hair Extension is a type of hair extension that is made from tinsel. It can add volume, length, or color to an existing hairstyle.

The tinsel hair consists of a wide range of colors. Choose the colors that suit your hair for your elegant looks. For example, if your hair is black, it looks perfect with dark blue tones, while blonde hair looks fantastic with blond glitter. You can also attach multiple tinsel colors to get your unique style.

What are the Benefits of Tinsel Hair Extensions?

One of the benefits of tinsel hair extensions is their discreetness. The extensions are created by sticking a small piece of thin metal called beads to the hair. These beads blend in with the hair and are barely noticeable at all.

Another benefit is that it does not damage or break off your natural hair as many other hair extension methods do. In addition, tinsel hair extensions are created using a high-quality polyester fiber, so there is no excess weight from heavy attachments rubbing against delicate scalp and skin.

Tinsel Hair Extension weighs less than other extension types, too. It is also easy to remove because it does not involve any wax or glue like others do, so you won’t have residue left over if you decide to take them off later that day!

The last benefit is the durability of tinsel hair extension hairstyles. They last up to about two months before they need to be replaced, so it’s not as lasting as some other types of attachment options, but it provides an inexpensive option that provides quick results!

The Comeback Of Early 2000 Fashion Trend – Hair Tinsel

How to Apply Tinsel Hair Extensions Properly?

Tinsel hair extensions are a type of hair extension that is similar to regular clip-in extensions. The difference is that the tinsel hair is made from very fine strands and made with synthetic material. The strands are applied to your natural hair to achieve an appearance that thicker, fuller, and ad more sparkle and dimension. You can add these glittery strands to your hair using one of two different techniques, which we will mention below:

Wear Fairy Hair Tindel with Tie Method:

  • Start with the wash your hair and style it, however you like it. For example, you have seen tinsel with straight hair, but it looks perfect with wavy hair.
  • Use a comb or fingers to part your hair since you are attaching hair tinsel.
  • Take a strand hor hair tinsel and fold it in half. Before buying the hair tinsel, make sure that the length of the strand should be twice your hair
  • Make a knot with the looped at of tinsel hair.
  • Pull 2 to 3 hair from your scalp, pass through the loop, and tighten the slip knot near your scalp.
  • Tie the strand into a  simple knot.

Beaded Method: 

Applying hair tinsel looks complicated, but these are easy to put with the help of the bead method. The beaded method requires tools to adjust and tie the strands with your hair properly. So Herbiar provides you with all the accessories along with multiple color strands. Herbiar Hair tinsel kit comes with the following accessories:

  • Strands with multiple colors: The hair tinsel kit by Herbier comes with 2400 tinsel strands of 12 colors which are brown, pink, rose, lase silver, gold, rainbow color, and many more.
  • Crochet: A bead is held by the crochet and forms a safe connection between tinsel hair and beads.
  • Pulling needle: The pulling needle is attached to the crochet and assists in entering the hair and tinsel in a bead.
  • Beads: HErbiar hair tinsel kit contains about 200 beads that helps you to attach tinsel to your hair.
  • Plier: A unique design plier help you in tightening and removing the bead.

Now here are the instructions for applying tinsel on hair with the beaded method:

  1. Before styling your hair, we recommend washing your hair and dry them with a towel.
  2. After that, comb your hair and style it how you like it.
  3. Part your hair in two sections to easily attach the strands.
  4. Take a bead and put it into the crochet.
  5. Take 3 to 4 hair along with hair tinsel and put them into the bead with the help of a pulling needle.
  6. Take a plier and squeeze the silicon bead close to your scalp so the tinsel won’t fall.
The Comeback Of Early 2000 Fashion Trend – Hair Tinsel

Many fashion styles die out at some point in an era, but the hair tinsel hairstyle revives again and spreads sparkle throughout the fashion world. So don’t hold back and enjoy this trendy hairstyle with Herbiar.

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