Braving the Elements: 7 Hacks for Happy Camping in Cold Weather

Winter camping has a couple of benefits. It’s quiet in winter and camping sites are less crowded. This means that you have numerous choices when it comes to choosing a camping site since fewer people go on adventures when it’s cold. The bug issues are also fewer during winter. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, winter can actually be a good time to explore nature. However, if you don’t plan well, all you will feel during your trip is cold and unhappy. This article highlights some tips that can be helpful for happy camping in the cold weather.

Get the Facts Right

Before you pack your bags, get to know your camping ground well first. How cold does it get in winter? Are there any hazards you should be aware of? What about snow? Temperatures in all States don’t move at the same pace during winter. Thus, you may pack your bags thinking you will have the same temperature as your hometown, only to get to the camp site and find that the degrees are a lot lower. Thus, get the facts right first and see if it’s something you can handle.

Choose Your Attire Wisely

When packing for an adventure in winter, consider layers. Choose base, mid and outer layers, and bottoms. The key benefit of dressing in layers is that you stay warm in winter without feeling bulky. Also, you can easily remove or add a layer when it gets warmer or colder. How much you bring along will depend on how long you intend to stay on the campsite. Don’t forget to carry a waterproof jacket, socks, hats, gloves and a scarf. All these are essential to keep you warm as you enjoy your trip. 

Buy the Right Camping Gear

Not all camping gear is designed equally. Some are ideal for camping during summer and fall only and this is why it is important to check when shopping. Choose a tent and sleeping bags that are ideal for winter. Also, consider getting some carpet for the tent and some sleeping pads. The ground will be cold during winter. You need something to separate your body from the ground otherwise you will be freezing in the middle of the night. A sleeping bag lining can be helpful tool.

Choose a Smaller Tent

If you want to be happy when camping during the winter, carry a smaller tent. A small tent is easier to warm up. Buy a tent that fits you and your camping mates well without leaving much space.

Stay Warm, Hydrated and Energized

Some hot drinks and healthy snacks can help in keeping your body warm as you have fun in winter. Since its winter and you don’t know how the weather outside will be, bringing your own stove beats relying on a fire. Don’t forget to bring along a kettle and a hot water bottle.

Ventilate Your Tent

If you don’t ventilate your tent, there will be moisture build-up inside, and your belongings will get wet. Thus, have some ventilation for your tent no matter how cold it is. Also, avoid cooking inside your tent as this too can lead to moisture build up. Your items can also catch fire in the process and cut your trip short. 

You Need More Light

You need more light when camping in winter than in summer. Thus, you may want to pack more flashlights and a few extra backup batteries.

As you are packing for your trip, have a checklist of all the items you need to get through each day, warm and happy. Also, borrow some ideas from people who have experience in cold weather camping. 

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