Building a Career Without Burnout

There is a misconception among many people that you cannot have a high-level career without suffering some personal fallout. While it is a fact that jobs that require a high level of achievement can wear you down, it doesn’t have to be that way. These jobs are typically well-compensated and have benefit packages that allow you to take time away, visit the doctor when necessary, and otherwise take care of yourself. You are in a better position than many workers. The key to managing your career and climbing the ladder of success without burnout rests with you.

Think About Why You Like Your Job

One thing that counters burnout is gratitude. It is easy to lose your feelings of gratitude in the day to day grind of life, but taking the time to prioritize this emotion can pay surprising dividends. If you feel like your job is meaningless, or that your day is filled with doing the same duties over and over, take a step back. Think about what you do, what your company does, and what service you are providing. Think about your coworkers, the skills you use, and what you have learned on the job. Take the time to put your pen to paper and make a list of several things that you like about your job. These can be big or small. Take the list out each day and look it over, adding to it on particularly stressful days.

Don’t Let Imposter Syndrome Wear You Down

Imposter syndrome is common in nearly every industry. Whether you are new on the job or facing a new position within your existing company, you will probably have to stare it down at some point. It can be uncomfortable to put yourself in situations where you don’t feel competent, but if you want to progress in your career, it will be necessary. There is no way to climb the corporate ladder without taking on new skills and responsibilities.

Wrestling with feelings of inadequacy is exhausting and can steer you towards burnout. Understanding that imposter syndrome is normal can make it easier to accept. If there are legitimate reasons for this feeling, you should do everything possible to solve them. For example, if you haven’t earned an undergraduate degree, and others in your field have one, or if the majority of individuals at the level you are reaching for have a master’s and you do not, the first step in fighting this feeling is to go back to school. You don’t need to set your career aside to bring your education up to par. Online and evening classes allow for flexibility. Financial options, such as taking out a private student loan to pay for college, allow you to get the degree that will boost your confidence as well as your earning potential.

Self-Care Matters

When you are trying to build a career, it is easy to develop a laser-like focus on that goal. It is important to take time for exercise, relaxation, and time away from work. This allows you to come to your job with a renewed sense of purpose and makes it easier to avoid potential burnout. Finally, note  that you can work from home for fun, job searches are also possible though google work from home.

Written by George K.

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