Business Possibilities for a Single Mother


Every woman would like to have a man by her side. But oftentimes, fate dictates otherwise. From damaging heartbreaks and divorce to the death of a husband, many things force women to live alone in a household.

Fact is, life as a single mother isn’t easy.  From dawn to dusk, they are always on their toes to provide for and nurture their kids with no end in sight to this tedious routine.  That’s why single moms are superwomen.

When it comes to business, single mothers have to weigh and get their options right. You need to venture into business avenues that align with your passion and leave you enough time to cater to your children.

Luckily, things have changed a lot in the digital age. The advent of eCommerce and fintech companies is a boon for single mothers everywhere. It’s now possible to obtain a small business loan from a reliable online lender and start a business right from home. 

Five business ideas for single moms

Start a blog

You can build a blog site right from your home and start writing articles to educate people about the thing you’re passionate about. It can even be better if you align the theme of your blog with single motherhood. For instance, you can start a budgeting blog to teach other moms about budgeting and money-saving skills. 

Once your blog cuts the first difficult corner and you begin to see reliable traffic on your site, you can make money while sleeping through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and display advertising.

There are initial costs like obtaining a laptop, building a website, and doing quality SEO. Such costs can easily be met with small business loans.

Write for other blogs

PayScale places the average annual pay for freelance writers between $21,000 to $106,000. The better the quality of your writing, the more you earn.

The secret to getting paid to write is to choose a writing niche. You’ll struggle to find clients if you go in as a generalist. So start by choosing your niche and create your profile around it. Then create a few quality samples to show potential clients what you can do.

While you need some writing skills to get started, you don’t have to be an expert in your chosen niche. As long as you’re willing to research and produce unique content, you’ll learn on the job as you go. 

Run an online store

eCommerce is perfect for single moms. Create an online shop on Etsy, Shopify, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other places like BigCommerce, Squarespace, and more. If you are not tech-savvy, you can hire a freelance web designer to do it for you.

Once your shop is ready, simply list products and promote your shop on social media to start selling. You can sell smartphone covers, shoe protectors, beauty & health products, handbags, clothing, or even DIY products. 

Dropshipping will work fine for you as a single mom. To succeed, partner with the right suppliers and fulfillment providers who can package and ship your goods directly to the customers.

Online tutoring

Single moms can find a lot of flexibility teaching online from home. As long as you have good English skills, you can do this type of job and earn money teaching kids English online. Top sites that hire online English teachers include VIPKID, Qkids, Palfish, Magic Ears teaching app, EF English First, among others.

You can also create and sell a course online through platforms kike Teachable and Skillshare if you have some expertise in some areas. For instance, you can create a course to teach single mothers how to pivot their families.


You can start a business baking homemade cookies, pastries, and cupcakes, or other baked goods that align with certain themes. For instance, personalized cakes and desserts can sell well among friends, family, or in the neighborhood. Once your business grows, you can start making huge supplies or even promote your business online for home deliveries.

Financing possibilities for single mothers

It takes money to get a startup off the ground and keep it growing. Banks require a solid credit score, substantial business revenues, and a long trading history. The issue of gender bias also crops up when applying for small business loans from banks.

Your best bet is to work with an online lender like Camino Financial. They have a simple application process, and you can get approved for a small business loan within 24 hours. Visit the link above to get started.

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