Want to Make Sure Your Goods Arrive Unharmed? Here’s How to Identify a Credible Moving Company

Want to Make Sure Your Goods Arrive Unharmed? Here’s How to Identify a Credible Moving Company

Relocating can be a costly and stressful endeavor, and if you’re not careful it can fast become your worst nightmare. Finding a moving company you can depend on is the next best alternative especially because moving goods yourself or utilizing a “you-pack/we-drive service” is sometimes not ideal. If you happen to be in a similar situation, in this article we share some good tips to help you find a reputable moving company to ensure your goods arrive unharmed. 

The initial step is to run a search on the web or look through your phone book or place a call to local real estate agents to find several moving companies with offices stationed in your area. Try to target companies that have been operating for at least ten years and make sure you don’t hire a moving broker. 

As a first step, ask if the company will be facilitating the moving or if they’ll be using a subcontractor to do the job from another organization. If they aren’t doing the moving themselves then it’s recommended that you look for another company.

Quite often pricing includes services one company offers that another company does not, it also includes the amount of insurance the value of the goods being transported are. Whatever you do be careful not to hire movers who offer you a quote based on cubic feet. Don’t ever sign documents that are blank or papers that have not been completely explained to you. Ensure you read the paperwork and ensure you understand its contents.

Below are a few pointers to ask before you hire a mover: 

How long has the moving company been in operation?

Experience speaks volumes because a company with a strong reputation has many good reviews which display their ability to offer great service all the time. For instance, if the company in question has experience moving many crystal glasses without breaking any demonstrates the organization’s ability to deliver a quality service time and time again. 

Check to see if the organization is insured

Stay away from using a moving company that does not have insurance or a license number. Double-check to see whether your goods are covered under a renters or homeowners policy during a move to make sure you are covered. 

Have they won any accolades for their service?

Ask them to show you letters of recommendation. Look to see if they have any reviews online. Also, check the organization’s credit rating if it’s possible. 

Social media platforms like HelloPeter can give you an idea of how other people experience that particular brand for you to gauge the level of service you may receive also. 

What is included in their rates?

In your inquiry ask them if their rates vary depending on the season or days of the week. For instance, will they grant you an improved rate if they move goods on a Wednesday rather than on a Friday? 

Are you aware of the location you want your goods to go?

Be aware of your furniture measurements as well as the room size for your new house. A good idea is to draw a scale of all your rooms and scale cut out all the furniture that will go into that room. Having it all planned out will save you from stress and anxiety while the movers are on their way.


Always check to see if the moving company has any questions for you if they can’t ask you a single question and are ready to give you a quotation, run away very quickly. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to identify a good moving company, we hope these tips have been useful in helping you find a moving company with a good reputation. 

Like in any industry there are many reputable moving organizations with websites, but there are also scammy operators who are discoverable on the internet. 

To sum up, at the start of your conversation with a moving company ask them if they will be doing the job themselves or if they will subcontract the job to another organization. Avoid using unlicensed or uninsured “groups of people” who refer to themselves as a moving company.

In this industry, competition is tight, and regardless of where you stay, you’ll probably come across a few options to choose from. So have a sober mind, conduct your research, ask a few questions, and don’t be reluctant to run away if a company raises any reflags. 

All in all, you need a company with a proven record of safety, high-quality service delivery as well as reliability. This applies even if you plan to use the company for a single day. The more effort you put before selecting the right moving company, the fewer problems you will handle if any possible mishaps occur. 

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