Challenges You May Encounter When Traveling With A Child

Traveling with kids can be a rewarding experience. It shows them how important it is to explore the world and expand their knowledge, and it is useful to give them good memories while they are young. Some of the most important traveling kids do include road trips with their families. Even if you are traveling by plane, train, or hiking, you are bound to run into some complaints. Kids are curious, but they also like to stick to the familiar so that traveling could be a big shocker to them. This leads to some challenges, and here are the ones you are most likely to encounter.

1. Too Many Potty Breaks

“I have to use the bathroom!” is a phrase that every parent dreads hearing. It happens every time, even when you ask your kid if they need to go before leaving. While it is an inconvenience, it is important to give your kid time to do their natural business. Road trips are good for this because it gives everyone time to stop and stretch their legs. Otherwise, bringing a portable child potty is a good way to keep them from making any accidents.

2. Uncomfortable Seats

Airplane, car, or train, the seats can make your child restless and agitated. Uncomfortable seats are a universal problem, and the folks at know this, which is why a good car seat is a must when road tripping with your kid. Not only is it bad for their butts, but having them squirm around in their seat or try to take off their seatbelt is dangerous. Giving them some protection and comfort is a must to avoid this challenge while traveling.

3. Endless Boredom

No matter where or how you travel, kids are going to get bored. They have a very short attention span and always want to be playing but traveling is not exactly their idea of fun. Giving them books, journals, arts and crafts, and other fun activities while traveling will keep them from getting bored and upset. An unhappy camper is a bored camper, and kids can get bored quite quickly. It is also good to give them educational games that help them learn, too, as a trip is a great way to use downtime in positive ways. Similarly, stopping to see the surroundings should not be frowned upon on a trip; it is a good way for everyone to relax a little.

4. Desire for Snacks

If you thought a bored camper was an unhappy camper, then a hungry camper is a nightmare. Kids get cranky when they do not have snacks, and going on any kind of trip without planning this out in advance can leave you wishing you packed some PB&J sandwiches. Giving them healthy fruit and vegetable options will be hard to convince them to eat, but they need the energy for a long day in the car or otherwise. Carrots, raisins, nuts, seeds, celery, grapes, mixed fruits, and low-sodium crackers are all easy to pack choices that will help you avoid a hungry child disaster.

5. Your Complaining and Negative Habits

Yes, you can be part of the problem when it comes to road trips. Young children are not as perceptive of things you do or say as much as adolescents, but getting into bad road rage and complaining about other drivers will sour their mood. How you act, not just driving, will play a big role in how they feel during the trip. Airplanes are common places to complain about legroom and seats for parents, same with long walks, all of these can be avoided by trying your best to put on a happy face for your kids, so they feel comfortable too.

6. Complaining About Activities

Not every game or activity is going to be a slam-dunk way to get your kid to relax and have fun, so it is important to listen to them. Giving your kid the option of what to play is essential and shows that you value their opinion, which is a good life lesson outside of just traveling. Put aside your ego and let your kid pick what activities they want to every once and a while so they have the fun they want.

Not every trip is a walk in the park, especially not when you are traveling with kids. Your little ones can get bored, impatient, and cranky very quickly which is why these challenges are avoidable with some helpful tips and tricks to remember next time you step out the door. Despite the nuances, family road trips are a great adventure.

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