Here’s What to Expect in a Polyamorous Relationship

According to the general definition, a polyamorous relationship involves practicing intimate relationships with more than one person. Polyamorous is not about cheating since each partner knows and has agreed to accept the other partners. It means dating multiple people with the approval of everyone involved. 

So, what will be the expectations in this relationship? Before engaging yourself in a polyamorous relationship, there are things you need to understand about it and what to expect. It will help if you know these things before committing yourself to this relationship. Here are things to consider.

1. It’s Not All About Having Sex

Most people get into polyandry intending to sleep with as many people as they want. Even though its real sex is involved, the relationship is not all about sex. Most people get misunderstood when they get into this relationship because most people perceive it as a sex group. Other than sex, polyamorous is involved with the feelings too. Besides satisfying someone with sex and teaching them the best sex styles and cuckold fantasies, it teaches people about having healthy relationships, interacting with each other, and handling other people’s feelings. All this gets experience by interacting with multiple lovers at the same time.

2. It Involves Emotions

When you get into polyandry, you need to understand that the people you meet have their emotions and may differ from yours. It will help if you accommodate other people’s feelings for a healthy relationship. To get it right, you need to know why you are joining it, your expectations, and the kind of emotions you possess. Please do not get into it to fix other people’s issues or as a way of healing your problems. Polyamorous does not fix anything that you have failed to improve on your own. If you haven’t recovered from your past relationship, it’s better not to get into it since it will hurt more, especially if someone cheated on you. Have an adequate time to love and know yourself before getting into this relationship. 

3. You Have To Be Open-Minded

A polyamorous relationship doesn’t work well with people who have a fixed stand on some issues. You have to be open-minded to accept other people’s views. Do not try getting into polyandry with a monogamous relationship in mind. Accommodating each other’s ideas is one way of having a healthy relationship. 

Getting into it with feelings of being cheated or mistrusted among your partners will lead the relationship to end prematurely. Other than that, everyone is on their own, and they can decide to take any action without involving you. This situation means you should get into this relationship without having many commitments to your partners. Do not expect them to be loyal to you every time. Getting into this relationship with a monogamous mind will make you get hurt more than your previous relationship.

4. Organization is Key

Getting into a relationship with more than two people will be messy if you don’t get organized. Having this relationship without making up your mind and not knowing what to do might cause more harm than good. Being organized is essential in this relationship. It will help if you offer enough time to prepare for your meetings. Ensure everyone agrees with your concept on the venue, type of relationship you will be having, dos, and don’ts. Organize all your stuff, be punctual on everything, and communicate on each process. Doing so will avoid inconveniences and arguments. Remember, this is like a group. Everyone needs to be kept in check on what’s happening. 

5. Communication is Key

Just like we have discussed on the previous subtopic, communication is critical in a polyamorous relationship. You should expect lots of communication and if it fizzles out, know that the relationship is no more. It would help if you learned different communication types with your lovers since this being an open relationship, trust is vital. Being honest is one thing you need to think about before joining this relationship. If you aren’t a sincere person, consider quitting the idea. Discussions are critical in this relationship. Everyone must share ideas, discuss issues openly, and create a safe place to avoid mistrust or communication breakdown. Do not get into the relationship, hoping to hide your secrets, ideas, or fantasies. It is an open relationship. 

6. Don’t expect monogamous attributes

The only similarity you will expect from a polyamorous relationship is the idea of practicing a safe and consensual relationship. Do not get into this relationship with your monogamous perspective. Your lovers shouldn’t know that you are just from a monogamous relationship. If you decide to join it, then be wholly and accept it the way it is without involving any monogamous practice. With a polyamorous relationship, only the relationship changes while love remains constant. It shouldn’t be the other way round or be related to a monogamous relationship. Do not expect any monogamous trait while in this relationship. You might end up hurting others or hurting yourself while in this type of relationship. That’s why you need to take a more extended break after a monogamous relationship to make up your mind.

7. Do Not Expect Having a Family

This topic is obvious to anyone who has been to a relationship involving many people. People do not join polyamorous relationships to have a family or kids. It is just to satisfy each other’s sexual fantasies and share ideas. The polyamorous relationship tends to bring the concept of one becoming happy and loved without a family. People in this relationship do not marry nor have children. It is just a way of having fun and enjoying love from the members involved.

To get into a polyamorous relationship, you first need to understand your wants and needs. This situation helps you to know the relationship better and sets your mind towards the relationship. You have to be ready to love multiple souls or to be loved by several people. Anyone can be on it as long as they are comfortable with how it runs and its details. This article has provided every detail of what you should expect from this relationship.

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