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Cities that put your climate change worries to rest

Climate change has become a severe concern and whether you trust it or not, to a great extent this is something we all should be worried about. The rising amount of emissions, change in unpredictable temperature, extreme weather events, and untimely natural disasters are proof that we are moving towards a drastically doomed future. 

This is why many people are considering moving to places that are less prone to the effects of climate change. Here the list of movers that offer significant data that the number of people changing bases due to climate change concerns has risen significantly. 

If you too are worried about climate change, you must know that there are cities that are safer than most of the world. These cities have:

  • Programs to regulate emissions and recycling.
  • Access to an alternative source of energy.
  • Protection against extreme weather events. 
  • An advanced disaster management program
  • Awareness in the community regarding climate change

Experts agree that all these factors play a crucial role in building cities that are resilient to climate change and its consequences. According to the climate change podcast linked here, innovative recycling methods drastically reduce a city’s carbon footprint. This factor, along with efficient public transportation systems and encouragement of sustainable practices in daily life, makes these cities the perfect place to live if you are worried about climate change.

So, which are these cities?  Here we have made a list of the top best cities to live in in the future.


Seattle is one of the highest-ranked cities in the fight against climate change. The city has earned the title of ‘most sustainable city’ in the United States of America. Although Seattle has a high cost of living, it is the city that offers you a safe living in the future. Also, there is no state income tax provision in the United States. 

San Francisco:

San Francisco is a city that will become harsher and hotter in the future. However, this does not mean that the city is not fighting the battle against climate change. There are continuous efforts fueled by like-minded people to slow down the change of the climate. The city has a minimum number of people using cars to commute. The city is ideal for those who are looking for life amid a large community.

New York:

Again an expensive city, New York has the highest traffic on the streets as well as the roads. The public transportation system is so strong that people do not need to buy a car in the first place. Besides, the space New Yorkers occupy to live is way too smaller than most of the cities in the world. This means that the cooling and heating costs are lower and the environmental impact is low. 


In 2013, Boston was the city crowned with the title of the ‘Most energy-efficient city’. The city has signed the 80×50 pledge which means that the city is working towards reducing 80% of their greenhouse gases by 2050. The city has taken all the steps to support the commitment. From making the taxies hybrid to designing facilities as per the environmental requirements, the efforts are full-fledged.

Washington D.C

Indeed the city houses agencies, lobbyists, and headquarters, and all of these entities are thinking towards boosting sustainability in the environment. Washington D.C is committed to relating more green jobs in the future. The city is pretty available and hence not many residents have vehicles. Moreover, the public transportation system in the company is very strong to depend on for personal commutation needs. 

Philadelphia, PA:

IF THERE IS ONE CITY IN United States that started its fight against climate change in an early stage, it is Philadelphia. It was in early 2008 that the then Mayor Nutter committed to make Philadelphia the greenest city in America by 2030. The city started its clean water initiative and today has strong storm water management. 

The city runs a myriad of green initiatives and is dedicated to make the city green.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is doomed to become hot by 2080 but the city is less likely to experience other extreme effects like heat waves, cold snaps, fires, and floods. The people use several alternative methods for commuting such as walking, bicycling, carpooling, and taking public transportation.

Los Angeles, CA:

The city has taken a lot of environment-friendly initiatives from time to time. It was the first city to introducecurbside recycling to metropolitan services. The city recycles 76% of the wastes. It also works towards generating local jobs in clean energy and installing solar systems to the buildings. 

Denver, CO:

The initiative has started from the office spaces changing into green spaces. Today, most of the buildings in Denver meet LEED or Energy Star standards for building materials and energy usage.

Atlanta, Ga:

Atlanta is part of the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index which is made based on the cities using strategies to meet the existing and future requirements of its citizen. The city not only maintains a great economy but also takes several environment-friendly initiatives from time to time. 

These are some of the best cities in America that you may consider relocating to. These cities are preparing to fight climate change and ensure the safety of its citizens. So, plan your move and know how to make a new life and social circle to have a safe life amid the danger of climate change.

Written by Jordan

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