How to Rev up Metabolism and Lose Weight

Increasing metabolism can be achieved through many different methods with some strategies working better than others. Many articles have been written about tips for increasing metabolism. But few have offered simple and effective strategies that can be incorporated into the daily routines. 

Some of the mainstream tricks have been reported to be counterproductive. We believe you should not waste any more time with misguided tricks. Therefore, we’ve sorted through the science of it to prepare strategies that work.

Early Start

Getting enough sleep the previous night is a great start to your day. Enough sleep ensures that your energy levels are at optimal as you embark on your daily routines. Before breakfast, have some great stretches to help focus your mind for the day ahead.

Also, be sure to choose your clothing wisely. What we wear has an immense influence on the movement choices and even foods we interact with over the day. As such, choose to feel good comfortable clothes. The wear should be flexible enough to allow you some considerable degree of motion to ensure you remain as active as possible throughout the day.

Be Mindful of Your Metabolism Work

Most of us spend quite a significant part of our days at work. Therefore, you must acknowledge the importance of boosting your metabolism even when at work- especially if seeking to lose weight.

We know what you’re thinking; how? If your job involves sitting behind a desk, be sure to schedule regular breaks throughout the day. This will ensure you get out and move around more. In fact, these regular movements are not only great for calorie burning but will also help in enhancing your concentration and boosting your productivity. 

And, always purpose to have a nutritious meal for lunch- preferably protein-rich or with other ingredients that boost metabolism. Remember, your snacking habits might be derailing your progress. Avoid the sugar bars as they often make you feel a little sluggish.

Resist the urge to snack if you’re not hungry. Avoid that boredom snacking by taking a walk break instead. 

Be More Mobile at Home

Do you know how great cleaning the house can be to your metabolism? So, plan to do more chores around the house to increase your mobility and boost your metabolism. And, it’s great for your heart rate. 

And, some chores can be more beneficial than the traditional workouts- it all depends on the effort you put. 

A simple redesign of the living room area will help you reduce boredom snacking and have more beneficial activities in your routine. Take that extra trip upstairs, walk around the yard as you use your phone. Also, make sure to stand once in a while when working on your PC to give your back the much-needed stretch. 


This is perhaps the most common and effective way of boosting your metabolism. An intense session will have your metabolism revved up for hours after the session. And, even as a beginner, the benefits of physical activity are amazing. 

How many calories will my morning run burn? Experts at advice on getting running watches to better understand your workout stats.

And if you’re into weight-lifting, resistance training helps you build muscles that promise long-term benefits in revving your metabolism. Beginners can also do basic strength workouts to improve health and burn those extra calories.

There are less vigorous workout routines for those that are not ready for intense workouts. Be sure to check out with a fitness instructor. 

Smart Eating

You might have come across an article or two on some foods that aid in calorie burning. While there are such foods, they are not as effective as advertised. 

The mechanism of calorie-burning starts from chewing all the way to food storage. And, never underestimate this process in weight loss. So, chew your food slowly and if you’re a fast eater, you could slow down. 

Combine your proteins with foods rich in fiber to curb the cravings and reduce the urge to snack. Learn to differentiate between emotional eating and true hunger.

Use Water to Fuel Up

How to Rev up Metabolism and Lose Weight

We all know the importance of staying hydrated. Our bodies need water to break down calories. Even mild dehydration will greatly compromise your metabolism. 

Be sure to stay hydrated by taking a glass of water before every meal – an unsweetened beverage works as well. Additionally, include water-rich snacks in your plan like fresh fruits and veggies. 

Boosting your metabolism is as easy as you’d want it to be. Bump up your routine activities to rev it up and benefit your overall wellbeing. 

Written by George K.

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