Clearing Things Up: The Common Causes of Foggy Windows Explained

Clearing Things Up: The Common Causes of Foggy Windows Explained

As a homeowner, one of the things you no doubt enjoy is gazing out the window. Whether it’s to check the weather, enjoy the scenery, or watch your children play, having visibility can be important.

Have you noticed your windows fogging up? Is it becoming harder, if not impossible, to see through them?

Dealing with foggy windows is frustrating. Read on to learn some of the common causes of foggy windows and learn what you can do to fix them.


Have you ever noticed the mirror being foggy when you get out of the shower? This is caused by too much moisture being in the air.

The same thing can happen throughout your home. Only your windows end up fogging up instead. If you’re interested in clearing up foggy windows, investing in a dehumidifier might do the trick.

Broken Seals

Most of the time, broken seals occur from age, but they can become an issue for a variety of different reasons.

The window might not have proper drainage, causing water to sit in the frame. If this happens, the water will condensate, leading to fog.

Another possible cause of a broken frame is too much direct contact with sunlight. In this case, the heat from the sun causes the panes to expand and contract, weakening over time. This lets water in as well.

Improper Windows for Area

Do you find yourself asking, “why are my windows foggy?” Another possible cause is that your windows aren’t made for your specific area.

For example, if you live in a place that tends to get very hot, and the temperature stays this way throughout the year, you should have windows installed designed specifically to withstand this temperature.

If you don’t have the right type of windows, they’re more likely to break down and end up with broken seals. This can lead to foggy windows, as was mentioned above.


Having improper ventilation throughout your home can be one of the causes of window condensation too.

While this solution is only temporary, opening some windows and doors to get some fresh air in the home and push old hair out can help relieve the fog for a time.

How to Prevent Foggy Window Problems

In all of these cases, getting your windows repaired is the only permanent solution. Check out Foggy Window Repair to see how simple the process is and to get a free estimate for your specific situation.

While investing in a dehumidifier or opening your windows on a regular basis can provide temporary help, ideally, you will invest in a permanent fix for the windows to prevent further fog or insulation issues.

Banish Foggy Windows From Your Home

Dealing with foggy windows can be a frustrating problem, even if you know why it’s happening.

When temporary fixes are no longer satisfying you, getting your windows repaired or replaced is the best way to banish foggy windows and restore your pristine view once again.

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