Common Reason Why A TN Visa Application Can Be Denied

Mexican and Canadian nationals are eligible to apply for TN visas to perform temporary services for designated professionals within the United States. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) states that TN visa holders can seek an occupation in fields like science, law, engineering, and accounting, among others. However, your application may be rejected due to various factors. Read on to learn the common reason why a TN visa application can be denied. 

Wrong NAFTA Occupation

If you indicate the wrong NAFTA occupation on your application, then the chances of your TN visa being declined are high. You need to indicate the appropriate job that suits your qualifications. In some cases, you may fail to meet the qualifications required for a specific position like not having the required degree, training, or experience. It is vital to understand all the requirements for each job category before you apply for the special visa to increase your chances for approval. 

If your employment letter does not clearly state how you will meet the job regulations, then you may experience some problems in justifying your desire to work in the US. For each job listed under NAFTA regulations, there are specific requirements that each applicant should meet. If you fail to provide supporting evidence that your job meets the NAFTA regulations, you may experience problems. It is vital to consult the responsible authorities to help you choose a profession that suits your qualifications and experience. 

Lack of Legal Knowledge

Immigration officers perform an in-depth analysis of your visa application to determine whether you are eligible to get approval or denial. The NYC immigration attorneys at explain that there are different things to consider if you want to increase your chances of approval. The documents you provide should be credible, and you need to fulfill all requirements. It is vital to consult your immigration lawyer if your TN visa is denied since they know how to handle such cases. Your attorney will carefully analyze the reasons for the denial and advise on the necessary measures to take should you decide to reapply. 

Your Application Lacks Valid Documentation 

Another reason that can lead to denial of your TN visa application pertains to the absence of required documents. Some documents may be missing, and this jeopardizes your application. If you do not provide valid documents that support your credentials, you risk being denied the visa. In other instances, the documentation you provide may have some key details missing which affects your application. To increase the chances of application approval, you must include the following documents:

  • A valid passport that allows you to travel to the US
  • Nonimmigrant visa application form 
  • A photo
  • Application fee receipt
  • A contract letter of employment in the US
  • Documentation supporting your credentials 

Each TN visa application goes through close verification of all documents that you provide to prevent forgeries and other undesired elements. 

You Have a Criminal Background

If you have a criminal record or background, the chances of denial of your TN visa are very high. You should have a clean record with no previous convictions or pending crimes. If you have at some point violated your immigration conditions in the past, then your visa application is likely to be denied.

You Have Other Intentions 

If you are pursuing a green card status, you may not be eligible for a nonimmigrant TN visa. Other applicants may have other reasons to go to the US, despite owning properties in their countries. Some people may even have healthy bank accounts but still, need to access a TN visa as a gateway to the US.

Inconsistent Answers During an Interview

All TN visa applicants are subject to undergo interviews as part of the screening process. However, if you provide inconsistent or conflicting answers, the immigration officers can decline your application. If you provide wrong answers regarding your job and duties, your visa will not be approved. You need to research what your job entails and try to provide factual information to convince the interviewers that you meet the regulations.  

A TN visa is a special document that allows Canadian and Mexican nationals to seek temporary jobs in different fields in the US. However, it is not guaranteed that each applicant will manage to get this work permit. Many applications are denied due to various reasons. For instance, if you fail to provide adequate documentation, have a criminal record, or provide the wrong occupation, the chances of your application getting denied will be quite high.

Written by George K.

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