Simple Ways To Determine If Someone Is Using Illegal Drugs

Drug addiction can be difficult to identify if you don’t understand the signs of an addiction. Remember, recognizing some of these signs is the first step to getting help for yourself or a loved one. This might hit you unawares; Whether you’re an adult, teenager, or child. For many people, this comes as a great shock. How did this happen? How come I never noticed? Sometimes, you may have your suspicions, but you’re not sure how to confront yourself with the truth or to a loved one. It will help if you understand that addiction is a compilation of many issues. Here are a few tell-tale signs to tell if a friend or loved one is using drugs.

  1. Denial

When confronted, any person using illegal drugs will downplay or deny their drug use. Many users resort to using the drugs in secret so they can avoid explaining themselves to others. If you have your suspicions, it will help if you advised them to take this test to help in their drug addiction treatment. Many drug users never realize that drug use cannot remain hidden for long. The impact of drug use is dramatic. This means that the person using drugs can spin out of control faster than expected. Some behavior changes, like engaging in illegal criminal conduct, are primary signs of a drug problem. Close family members and acquaintances are the best people who can recognize drug use since they’re familiar with the victim.

  2. Complacency

Sometimes this is not common with drug users, but it’s a noticeable characteristic. If someone is active and involved in several priorities loses interest quickly, they’re probably using drugs. If they have skills, hobbies, or talents that they normally enjoy, they might seem pulled away from reality and uninterested in them. This should not mean that they’re no longer interested in those things, but rather, it’s only that those things are no longer important to them. Their attention is mainly shifted towards feeding the impulse of their drug choice. Additionally, the individual might feel apathetic towards things they used to care about; this might even include people.

  3. Visible Physical Signs

It’s easy to notice anyone who uses drugs by observing them. Even if you’re not a trained doctor, you will notice something odd. If someone uses drugs, they might exhibit signs of dilated pupils, red (bloodshot) eyes, injection marks, itching, or sniffling, among others. If it’s not a common occurrence or a medical condition they suffer from, it’s a clear sign they are using drugs frequently. Many drug users will go to great lengths to hide some of these indicators as well. This makes it hard to detect the signs, which leads to a deeper addiction to the drugs they’re using. However, if their drug use is past the complacency stage, they may not be committed to hiding their drug use from other people.

  4. Change in Sleep Patterns

Someone who is facing a drug use disorder may experience interrupted sleep patterns. Some of the patterns might include insomnia (lack of sleep) or oversleep (hypersomnia). If you’re using drugs frequently, you are unable to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Additionally, you may find yourself sleeping during unusual times of the day or being unable to sleep at night. Remember, sleep plays a vital role in our cognitive abilities. If you’re not sleeping for the recommended number of hours, you may do more harm than good to yourself. Again, if you’re oversleeping, you might suffer lethargy and miss out on important life events like going to work or school.

  5. Display of Erratic Behavior

This is the most noticeable trait of someone facing a drug use disorder. These are abnormal behaviors that are not typical of the person. Sometimes, an individual displaying excessive excitability from someone who is normally serious is a good sign of using drugs. Sometimes, some of these behaviors can evolve to become dangerous situations. This behavior is also noticeable when an addict goes through withdrawal since some behaviors are more magnified by drug use. 

For instance, if someone is going through depression, their drug use might amplify this further. Studies have shown that conditions like depression or anxiety are strong influences in causing drug abuse. Additionally, if someone is struggling with mood disorders, they’re more susceptible to drugs’ influence.

Psychologists shun people who think that dealing with an addict in a rehab center is shameful. Rehabilitation centers are a form of medical treatment. Additionally, using illegal drugs might also land you on the wrong side of the law. You might face possible jail time, especially if you’re caught using illegal drugs. In serious cases, we advise you to seek professional help.

Written by George K.

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